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After 43 years of life I’ve had more hairstyles than I can count.  Long hair, mid-length hair, short hair, really long hair, really short hair, curly hair, straight hair, colored hair… well you get the picture!!  I thought long and hard about cutting my hair this past summer and I thought I was ready for shorter hair again.  I loved my new cut for a few days and then I REALLY missed my long hair 🙁  There were many times I thought “wouldn’t it be great if I could grow it overnight?”  I was given a chance to “kind of” do that and share my thoughts with you, when Glam Partners LLC sent me a couple of Daisy Fuentes line of hair extensions called Secret Extensions!

secret extensions

When these Secret Extensions arrived at my home I was instantly in love.

Unfortunately the way my hair is currently cut and styled I can’t really show off too many personal photos 🙁  One really needs to have some decent length already to their natural hair for the Secret Extensions to blend in seamless.  I could have gotten away with wearing it as a low ponytail originally but the coloring was off too much, so I waited to write this review until I could get to the salon and have my hair colored.

On that note, I showed Secret Extensions to my stylist and she was oohing and aahing (for real!), I asked her to do my base color to match the dark golden blonde and she was so excited about them 🙂  She asked me to share more information with her because she had not heard of them and thought they were a great product for the price.  They retail for only $39.99!  I totally sold her on these hair extensions.

They are Perfect for Parties, Weddings, Special events, or just because.  What’s really cool, is that now they are Double the Volume which means more fullness and glamour.  The secret is the revolutionary headband, which is completely invisible.

secret extensions

secret extensions

Simply slip it on, and you get thicker, fuller, and longer hair in seconds!  Check out the video to see how easy it is to achieve fabulous hair in literally seconds!

It’s great as a mom to have an option like this to just put on a hairband and have amazing hair to run out the door in the mornings!  Secret Extensions are available in 11 Dimensional colors to perfectly blend with your hair.

Daisy has created a way to get salon inspired looks like ombre and balayage and add major length without salon prices!  You can cut, curl, wash, and straighten your extensions as they look, feel, and perform like real hair.

Win/Win wouldn’t you say?!

Didn’t my stylist do a fantastic job matching the color?! (yeah, it cost me waaay more than $39.99 LOL!)  These hair extensions are crazy-fun and I wish I had the hair style to really ‘work it.’  Alas for me right now they just don’t work as I cropped the back to get a more defined look.  I still have some growing out to do on my hair before Secret Extensions will fit into my style routine, but I can hardly wait to use them when my hair is at a better length for them.

All extensions are 16 inches in length and available for purchase at  They are adjustable so they fit every head beautifully (and include an extra smaller sized headband with instructions for attaching for those with a smaller circumference).

secret extensions

Have you heard of or tried Daisy Fuentes line of Secret Extensions?  Is having fuller, longer hair without needing to grow it out yourself something that interests you?

3 thoughts on “Secret Extensions – Daisy Fuentes Line of Hair Extensions

    1. I honestly don’t know. I see the website isn’t coming up at the moment. I believe you can still get them on or Target though.

  1. I love the secret hair extensions because my hair is like thin and when I wear them it makes my thin hair thinker and fuller I love it and I would love to get more of them.

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