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My daughter isn’t one who likes to have “pretties” done up in her hair, but over the years this mom has found a few ways to get the satisfaction of doing “girly” things to it even if it hasn’t meant big pink bows.

Just as the name implies, the scünci design weaver kit consists of four lightweight, colored scarves designed to be woven through the hair.  It comes with a threading tool to assist you in accomplishing the great hairstyle ideas that are featured on the package.

The new scünci design weaver kit that is shown in the above photo is one of the ways I can get the satisfaction of doing my daughter’s hair, and something she can still tolerate.  But since I’ve not had a lot of practice, I apparently am missing some sort of talent in making pretty hair following the design weaver instructions – I compensated for the lack of talent though and was able to use the fabric in an alternate way, which pleased both of us.

I added the scarf to an elastic at the top and just wove it into a ponytail giving what my daughter coined the “ninja look” for her.

Then I just used one of the scarves as a headband for myself.  I like the way it keeps my hair back, is unobtrusive and hangs down a bit in the back under my hairline.

I think the scünci design weaver kit is a good idea, even though I was inept in using it the way it was intended.  It’s a good value at an average price of $4.99 with all that it includes!

Disclosure: I received a sample product from scünci to review, and they are providing the giveaway product.

One lucky winner will receive a scünci design weaver to try for themselves.

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