Savory Butcher Brings Some of the Best Quality Meats for Affordable Prices

When we first moved to Texas I found out about a company where you could buy into bulk meat purchases for an exceptional price.  The caveat… you had to go to a local parking lot to pick it up off the back of the truck.  Honestly, it’s not as shady as it seems LOL!  We purchased through that service for years, and then…. they went out of business 🙁 .  For the last year, I’ve felt like I’ve been overpaying for my meats at the grocery stores, but now I have a new alternative to buying best quality meats for affordable prices — SAVORY BUTCHER.  They generously supplied us with this sampler box at no cost for us to try out.  In this post I’ll share some information about them.

So let’s take a look at what I got in our box and what we thought of it:

Natural Ground Beef 93/7Savory Butcher Beef is of the highest “top shelf” quality that you can find in the grocery store, but for half the cost of the comparable quality.  It is natural (no fillers, additives, minimally processed) and has an exceptional flavor due to the quality and freshness.  

I have a rule to never use anything less than 90% ground beef.  I just do not like having to drain fat when browning, and when making things like meat loaf… well I don’t want my meat baking in the grease.  That being said, the Savory Butcher meat was up to my high standards when I made a meat loaf and there was minimal fat in the bottom of my pan, and the taste was awesome.  The only downside is that it comes in that big log you see above, so you have to package and freeze it yourself.  It takes a bit of time and resources (I personally use a vacuum sealer to package and freeze mine to get maximum longevity of it in the freezer until we need it.

Uncured Thick-Cut Bacon Savory Butcher Uncured Bacon has the same superior taste as their Premium Thick Cut Bacon, but using and uncured processing for those that prefer an uncured bacon option.  Your taste buds will be excited to enjoy bacon once again!

YOU GUYS!  This bacon is … AH-MAZING!  It is THICK, I mean THICK. 

There will be a lot of grease when you bake/fry it up (Honestly though, it might be just as much or less or more than other bacon as we don’t make bacon a whole lot around here, but I thought it was a lot of grease).  Oh my gosh, did I mention how amazing it is? 

We have dinner every Monday with a group of friends and we had breakfast for dinner last week and we made a package of the Savory Butcher bacon to bring along.  There was not one slice of 3 lbs left by the end of dinner (and there were only 8 of us that night!)  😉  I don’t know that I need to say much more about it.

Trimmed Chicken Breast Their chicken is TRIMMED (can you say hallelujah?!) but if the task of trimming your chicken doesn’t bother you – they also have a more budget friendly option.  Savory Butcher chicken breasts are also raised without the routine use of antibiotics important to human medicine, have no added hormones, artificial ingredients, or preservatives and is minimally processed.  

These breasts are huge!  Take a look one breast, over 1 lb!  So for an average casserole (I made a Chicken Alfredo Pasta dish), you only need one breast! 

The taste was fantastic and I loved that they were already trimmed in advance for me.  I figure we’d get about 8 meals out of this 10 pound package, which is a great bang for the buck.

You may think, well the prices are higher than my grocery store and truthfully they might be.  However, after trying the chicken, ground beef and bacon already, in my opinion these meats are a better quality than your packaged grocery store ones.  If you feel the amount in either dollars or pounds is too much for your family, buy in bulk and split the order with friends.  That is definitely a way you could take advantage of Savory Butcher.

We don’t generally purchase organic meats ourselves, but Savory Butcher also has clean organic, 100% grass fed, uncured bacon and other products along the organic line too.

While the links I am posting in here are affiliate links (meaning I get a fixed amount of $ if you sign up and order through them), Savory Butcher has a referral program for all customers. 

Want to try Savory Butcher? If you’re in the Dallas and surrounding area, fill the truck before May 15th and Savory Butcher will bring a truck down to Texas!

Here’s how it works:

Everyone from in the delivery areas for the Dallas areas that would like to participate simply reserves their case for a $10 deposit.  They have to meet a minimum amount to get the prices and product direct from the farm so share your love and excitement for healthy meats for a great price to drive more reservations from your community! You will see the truck “virtually fill” with the reservations. Once the truck is full – they can come (but we have to hit that deadline soon! This time it is MAY 15, 2019).  If the truck doesn’t fill in time, they will refund everyone’s money and try again down the road.  If it fills and they come, they will add the area to our normal delivery routes and schedule!

Because I’m in the DFW area, I am obviously promoting that truck, but if you live elsewhere in the country still check Savory Butcher out scroll to the bottom of the page and click “FULL SCHEDULE” to see what’s in your area.

While I was disappointed that our other service closed up shop, I’m glad to find Savory Butcher to get affordable and quality meats.

So if you haven’t ever tried a “meat delivery truck”, go explore Savory Butcher. You might be surprised at what you find.

2 thoughts on “Savory Butcher Brings Some of the Best Quality Meats for Affordable Prices

  1. I would be interested in trying this. I don’t know of any company in SC that does this.

  2. I wish they had Savory Butcher in Missouri! The meat looks and sounds awesome & we’d love to try it out!

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