Review ~ Identity by Sandra Glover

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Identity is a drama/sci-fi book written by Sandra Glover, set in the future in the United Kingdom. Three very different girls, are brought together by one of them, because there is something she knows that they others don’t. Unaware of the fact that they are all intricately tied together, a journey to find out just who they are ensues.

Louise worries about nightmares and her yearly checkups with enigmatic Dr. Jay, which her parents tell her are part of a study that they agreed to when they went for fertility treatments because they were an older couple trying to conceive.

Jessica’s dad left the family with no explanation and won’t make any contact with her. She thinks it has to do with her Grandfather’s death, but is unsure why.

Cate’s parents have been lying to her….and she wants to know why. And so the journey begins.

Without giving out spoilers, Identity is a unique story about the future of technology and medicine. Glover brings out the morals and ethics of the advancement of them both, and the effects they have on everyone involved. I didn’t think the characters were developed enough, but despite that, it’s somewhat engaging and has a fairly quick reading pace.  I would say the book is suitable for ages 13+.

Disclosure: A media copy of the book was provided by Trafalgar Square Publishing. All opinions are my own.

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