Renault-Nissan Claims Rollout Of 10 Variety Of Auto-Driving Cars By 2020 – Can It Be Done?

Self-driving cars are not a new concept. Many generations have dreamed of a time when cars drive themselves around. A time-saving convenience, many are wondering why it took so long to get to the place we are at now.

When the new rollouts for 2016 came with the technology to do a lot of automated things like self-brake and hands-free steering, car enthusiasts and Richmond Nissan, realized that automated cars are no longer the type of thing that is only fantasized about. The truth is that the technology is there, it is just a matter of perfecting it, and making it inexpensive enough for the average person.

Google and Ford are currently in talks to develop the first rollout of self-automated cars. Although two big giants in their own industry, their partnership is not the only one that is making waves in the fight to the finish.

Bloomberg estimates that Google’s parent company Alphabet inc., will be operational as soon as next year. Alphabet Inc. will be unveiling the first “automated car for hire”. Just the first step to automated cars, can it be possible that when Renault-Nissan announced that they would have the technology available for us all by 2020, It could be done?

Even better, Nissan promises the consumer that within the next four years to 2020 they will offer cars that have zero emissions and zero fatalities in the US, Japan, China and Europe. It isn’t just about the cars that drive themselves, they offer to the consumer the technology for connectivity applications to reduce errors. Claiming that they can do away with 90% of all accidents due to human error, that will significantly change the course of our economies and our car industry.


Why is that significant?

Not everyone is on board with cars that drive themselves. Many car drivers enjoy the ride and want to get themselves there. In theory, that could’ve caused problems with automated cars vying for the same space as people-driven cars. That is what is so spectacular about the connectivity applications; it allows the reduction in the cars that humans drive making the error as low as 90%.

Introducing the new technology in piecemeal, the following is the plan according to the CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn. This year they have established what they label a “single-lane control”. That allows people to get into one lane and have the cars, stop, go and keep the pace without any effort on individual car drivers. Imagine that, there will be no such thing as traffic for car drivers.

The plan is that by 2018, Nissan will move onto the “multiple-lane control” vehicle that can independently maneuver across lanes of traffic and navigate conditions on the road. Once set in motion, these cars can control themselves when driving on the highway. Not totally autonomous, they will not have the means to navigate things such as stop lights, intersections, and the hardships of urban driving.

By 2020, Nissan claims that they will introduce the very first autonomous car, or the “intersection autonomy” car, that can drive itself in the same manner that any car driver can. Maneuvering all aspects of driving, it will be a completely autonomous car for car drivers.

The excitement for these cars is two-fold. Not only are people looking forward to cars that drive themselves regarding the safety they provide, but they will also be 100% emissions-free. Making no carbon footprint, they will save people from fatal crashes and our earth from the insult of traditional cars.

Lofty goals, Nissan will be in an awkward place if they can’t follow through on their claims. Most assuredly, not the only ones with the same objectives on the horizon, they are the only people who stepped forth to proclaim that they could do something no one else is promising.

There is no denying the fact that self-driven cars are the way of the future. The conflict will arise when people want to drive their own cars. Be careful what you wish for. A great convenience, it will do away with some of the things we love most about our cars. Likely everything will have to be renegotiated and rethought out when the technology is there for everyone.

4 thoughts on “Renault-Nissan Claims Rollout Of 10 Variety Of Auto-Driving Cars By 2020 – Can It Be Done?

  1. I am disabled and can’t drive. I have been waiting for this my whole life! Thanks Nissan! And hurry up!!! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  2. This sounds great and as much as I hate to drive. I am not so sure I trust a car that self drives. Things malfunction and people hack into things all the time. We shall see how this all works out.

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