Redakai: Conquer the Kairu Card Game Giveaway

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REDAKAI was named #1 toy to watch in 2011.  This trading card game by Spin Master, the maker of Bakugan, features 3-D graphics and animation effects on the cards.  And you thought you knew what a trading card was! 

Instead of having track damage, power upgrades, and character status in your head (or on paper), once you stack these cards, they do all the work for you.  The base level is your player card (which has the lenticular 3-D motion), when you get attacked, place the mostly-clear action card on top; the overlay changes the health and appearance of the player.  Keeping hitting (or stacking) and he’ll eventually get wiped out!

One interesting element is the incorporation of the videogame concept of character damage.  Characters can be injured or have their health restored as the game is played.

Redakai will be good for younger players because the style of play is less reliant on reading than other trading card games.  However, Redakai also can be played in different ways if the players are older and able to read well.

The first series has more than 100 cards and range in price from $5.99 to $29.99 for cards, action figures and accessories.

Kids will be familiar with the characters of the game from the new television series on Cartoon Network.

This was an interesting review.  My daughter doesn’t play a lot of trading card games, but she does have experience with a few of them and has used her spending money in the past to purchase some booster card sets to various games.

The cards are definitely unique with both the composition (more of a ‘plastic’ than say a playing card so to speak) and in the 3-D images that are used on them.  The effects are actually pretty good, especially on the attack cards.

It’s easy to learn the game play and at its core it’s mostly dependent on the cards one picks up from the deck. 

The characters themselves you’ll note are of the traditional Japanese animation genre, and if your child enjoys Pokémon, this will probably be up their alley as well.  The game play with the clear plastic cards is neat to watch as the character is changing due to the attacks received on them. 

We received an X-Reader Starter Pack which includes an X-Reader and 22 Blast3D Cards, everything you need to battle & win! 

Redakai is probably best for 10 to 12 year olds, but can be played as early as 6.   It’s a fun game, and the kids will have a good time playing it.  The games don’t take a long time to play which is good for the younger crowd who may not have a focused attention span. 

With all the news about this being a ‘hot’ toy this year, you may want to shop now for the holidays.  The booster packs of cards are a great way to reward kids for obeying, special treats or good grades too.

Disclosure: This review was made possible with a sample supplied by Spin Master.  The opinions expressed are my own.

Submit your contact details for your chance to win one of two Redakai Starter Packs!  Starter Pack includes two booster packs and one battlefield case. (arv $12.99)

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