Recreating a Masquerade Ball

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Back in May I wrote a post about some books that were suitable for teaching Shakespeare to Children.  Amber decided that she wanted to study Romeo and Juliet, and so for a couple of weeks in our homeschool we did that.

When we were nearing the end of our study, I asked her what her favorite part was, and she said it was the Masquerade Ball.  She thought that would be a pretty fun thing to be a part of.  While it would be kind of difficult to put one on with just the two of us attending, we made it a project to plan out how we could recreate a Masquerade Ball.

Invitations – Not much of a ball if there are not guests, right?  You can easily make invitations by getting crafty and embellishing plain paper with some gold pen or glitter.  If you want to go to a bit more expense, find paper that resembles, or use actual, parchment paper.  These can be put through the printer using a Calligraphy font.  They could be rolled up and fastened with a ribbon like a scroll, or folded flat and sealed with a sticker.

Masks – “Find a mask and wear it well so your true identity no one can tell”.  You can get plain masks at party supply stores (you will likely find them in the section dedicated to Mardi Gras) and decorate them.  We found a site online that sells Venetian Masquerade Masks that you could use for decorating ideas.   Sequins, glitter, ribbons and feathers are all good craft supplies to enhance the look.

You could also decorate with masks, hang them on walls, or put them on tables.  Using velvet with or on your decorations will make your ball look luxurious.  Harlequin patterns fit right into this type of gathering.

Dancing – If you’re like me and have two left feet, you may want to learn how to dance, before your ball begins.  There are some great How-To Videos on Renaissance Dance from the Library of Congress Video Archive.  You may not be on Dancing with the Stars when you’re done, but hopefully your guests’ toes will not be broken .

Food – Tiny cucumber finger sandwiches, spiced cakes, sparkling beverages and tea would all fit nicely with this theme.

Whether you plan an elaborate gathering, or just a fun crafty time getting together with friends, this hundreds of years old activity should provide entertainment for young and old alike!

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