Puppy Chow

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I was searching for pictures for puppies on the internet and I came across a few of these ‘edible’ puppies…and then I started searching for more ‘Puppy Chow’ and then I thought…why don’t I share them with my friends?!  Let’s start with a ‘main course’ and then we’ll follow up with the sweets.

From myrecipes.com
Lela’s Hush Puppies

From favoraffair.com
Pure Puppy Love Brownie Pops

From CutestFood.com
Chocolate Puppies

From SugarDoughDesigns
Edible Puppy Cupcake Toppers

From cake power kids
Puppy Cupcakes

From Mad about cupcakes
Dog Cupcakes

How fun are those for a pooch’s party?!

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