Protect Your Vision

Photo Credit: Starck TingWhat do you do if you can tell that you’re not seeing as clearly as you should be, but you don’t have the money to see an optometrist?  There are places online where you can buy vision products without a prescription, however that isn’t advisable.  Although it may be expensive, you want to protect your vision.   One of the reasons it’s best to see an optometrist is because the lens center of the eyeglasses should not be any farther apart than the distance between the pupils, and an eye doctor can measure that accurately.

It is certainly important to visit a professional when you need specialized lenses.  Bi-focal prescription glasses can be tricky to get the power right, especially when it’s your first pair.

If you only need reading glasses, you may or may not want to go to an optometrist.  Reading glasses of all powers can be tried on in order to experiment which power is best for your needs.  They are available at most retail chain and drug stores and they can be purchased there or online as well.

It’s best when concerned about a child’s vision to take them to an eye doctor.  Should they need prescription eyeglasses you don’t need to purchase them at the optometrist office.  A reputable online optical store allows you to save 10% off a purchase using the code mommy10 when prompted at checkout.  You can also visit their Facebook fan page at

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