Proper Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

Having a great-looking lawn is something that everyone wants, but achieving that is not always straightforward. There are two options which you have when it comes to getting a beautiful lawn, the first is to get a brand new lawn from the likes of , which gives you an instantly gorgeous lawn; the second option is to put some effort into the lawn which you have and to follow some basic tips which can help you to maintain the grass which you already have outside your property. Regardless of which option you choose, there are some tips to follow which will ensure that your lawn always looks great.

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Knowing Your Soil

The biggest mistake which is made in lawn care is people not properly understanding the soil which they have. This makes a huge difference as to what products you use on the lawn. Soil varies greatly in pH levels and depending on the quality and the richness of your soil, you will need to take a different approach to fertilizing and to watering the lawn.


Fixing The Issues First

If you have areas of the lawn which are discolored or which are dried out, this is the first place to start in repairing the lawn. There are many products on the market which will attack these issues and it is important that you must use them and let them do their job before you embark upon caring for the rest of the lawn. These issues, if left, will only harm the good work which you do on the rest of the lawn.


Manage Your Cutting Schedule

Most of us do a lot of damage to the lawn when we are in fact trying to do good work by mowing it. Depending on the season and depending on the level of moisture in the grass, we have to change the amount which we cut off. For example, the first cut of the summer should be a light cut, and you should leave the cuttings on the lawn. The last cut of summer should be a short shear which allows the soil to recover for the coming year. There are many online guides that will talk you through how to cut the lawn based on your location and the season.


Feeding The Lawn

It is imperative that you give the grass the correct level of nutrition with a rich, nitrogen-fed diet. This will not only help to improve the structure of the lawn but also the lush color and the texture of the grass. Always check the number on the label of fertilizers as this will tell you the percentage of nitrogen in the mixture, as well as extra nutritional ingredients which it has.


Eliminate Weeds

People often wait far too long to eliminate weeds when they appear on the surface of the lawn. It is however critical that you deal with these problems the moment that you see them. Weeds can quickly grow out of control and they will take nutrients away from the lawn, which then affects the appearance.


These are simple tips which everyone should follow, regardless of the type of grass which you have in the garden.

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