Product Review: Never Clean Your Oven Again

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When we moved into our home more than 6 years ago, I got all new appliances. I was determined to keep my oven clean this time around, as I had made a real mess of my previous oven, and stripped the enamel surface when trying to clean it. So in an effort to start off in a good way I got myself a nonstick oven liner. This holiday season, if you’re making pies, cookies and turkeys in your oven, you don’t want to be without a Chef’s Planet Nonstick Ovenliner. When using one, you’ll never clean the bottom of your oven again!

Chef’s Planet Nonstick Ovenliners measure 23″ x 16.25″ and fit all standard ovens, but if your oven happens to be smaller you can cut it down to fit.

Spills and splatters easily wipe away, it’s so easy to clean.

Chef’s Planet Nonstick Ovenliner is a commercial thickness and useable on either side. Hand clean your drips and spills with warm soapy water and a cloth or sponge, or you can even put it in the dishwasher. Another great reason to buy Chef’s Planet brand…their nonstick ovenliners are made in America.

So this holiday season when you want to bake something wonderful, don’t worry about the inevitable mess, let the Chef’s Planet Nonstick Ovenliner do the dirty work. Simply place it on the lower rack in your oven*, and sit back and relax. If your pie bubbles over, no biggie!

Since receiving this particular oven liner in my home, I haven’t had any errant spills or splashes of my baked goods – but I know that when I do it won’t be a chore to clean up after it.  I’ll just remove the liner and wipe it clean and then replace it for the next time I bake.  Check out this video to see just how easy it is.

Less cleanup in the kitchen, means more time to spend making memories with family and friends during your holiday gatherings.

If you’ve never used a nonstick ovenliner before, the first time you do and have a spillover, you’ll be asking yourself why it took you so long to get one! Don’t believe me…take a look at the bottom of my oven, this is after six years, and I’ve never cleaned it! (And yes I do use my oven a lot!)

The nonstick ovenliner can be purachsed at Bet Bath & Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, or online at, and  Chef’s Planet. Pretty Neat. Kind of Simple. Ridiculously Easy.

*Make sure you read the use, care and instructions included with the packaging prior to the first time you use your Chef’s Planet Nonstick Ovenliner to prevent damage and/or injuries.

Tammy Litke, wrote this review while participating in an Blog Tour campaign by Chef’s Planet and received product samples to facilitate the post. If you click on a link in this post, land on and buy something, chances are I’ve made some money…so thank you.

4 thoughts on “Product Review: Never Clean Your Oven Again

  1. I just got a brand new oven and the bottom is already covered in burned drippings. I always wondered if there was an oven safe mat or something I could put in there. I definitely need to try this.

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