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You would never believe how fun the new Pocoyo Bump N’ Go Racing Car is.  If you are not familiar with Pocoyo, he is an animated character, who originated in Spain, and stars in his own TV show for pre-schoolers.  A new line of toys has been released, based on the characters in the show, and little kids are just so excited about Pocoyo and the toys .

I brought the Bump N’ Go Racing Car to our church nursery, and the children were just crazy about it.  Chasing after it, bopping Pocoyo’s head to get him to drive, laughing when he bumped into something and then drove backward, and yes in full toddler fashion not wanting to share with the other children!

As a childcare provider and a parent, I was impressed with how well-made this toy is.  The battery cover is not difficult to open, the sound can be switched off while the car still goes, or alternatively you can switch it off all together, and just have the child push it around on their own.  Which seemed to be just as fun as when Pocoyo drove by himself.

I was also sent a couple of the Mini Plush Characters.  Pocoyo and Pato.

The 3” figures are a perfect size to take along in diaper bags, purses or pockets. 

Pocoyo Toys are available at Toys R Us and Amazon.com.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this post as part of a blog campaign by Family Review Network and was supplied with samples from Zinkia Entertainment, the review and opinions are my own.

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