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WhatIF Foods is a planet positive food and beverage company that’s on a  mission to regenerate the planet and its people. As a global champion of true REgeneration, WhatIF Foods reinvents and innovates the entire food system and encourages consumers to always choose the better option. They do this by diversifying the food system with environmentally-friendly crops that can restore degraded lands, cut water consumption, improve our diets and increase food security. WhatIF Foods creates tasty, convenient foods that replenish with nutritious ingredients and restore soil health to increase its carbon capture potential and reconnect people with farming communities who are vital in our value chain.

I recently tried some of the products WhatIF Foods makes, and I have to say that I was really impressed.

planet positive food

WhatIF Noodles are made with the regenerative crop Bambara groundnut, which is wholesome and full of goodness!  What is Bamnut you ask?  (Because yeah, I had no clue either.)  Bambara groundnut is a legume that is a great source of macro and micronutrients – like protein and fiber.  Bamnut Noodles have a lower fat content compared to leading instant noodles (translation: much healthier for your college student than instant Ramen noodles).  They also contain no artificial colors or flavors.  Since the Bambara groundnut is a regenerative crop the production of these noodles is sustainable.

The “Noodbox” contains 4 different noodle blocks with seasonings.   Included are:  Bamnut Noodles with Sweet Hot Seasoning, Charcoal Noodles with Mushroom Pepper Seasoning, Moringa Noodles with Sesame Garlic Seasoning and Pumpkin Noodles with Cheeky Curry Seasoning.

One of the things I really appreciated about these noodle packs is both on the box and on each package it is easy to find both the manufacturing date and the best by date, so you can know that the food is fresh and when to it it by.

Their patented air-fry technology preserves the natural colors of the ingredients, so they are pretty delightful to the eye when served up and really add to the overall taste and enjoyment of a meal! Paired with the complimentary seasonings, these noodles are definitely flavorful.

I also tried some of their  Plant Milk, including Everyday, Airy and Barista, and was pleased with the selection.

It will be a change if you’re used to cow’s milk, but if you are already an Almond Milk drinker (like I am), the color and consistency is in line with that.

The Airy has less fat and is great for smoothies and protein shakes, and the Barista gives you that foam you love for your coffee house type beverages.  I really, really liked the Everyday with my cereal.

All of them are full of flavor. It is great to know that these beverages are produced in a way that is sustainable and has a minimal impact on the environment.

Overall, I would highly recommend trying WhatIF planet-positive food and beverages. Not only are they delicious and satisfying, but they also have a positive impact on the environment, which is something that we can all feel good about.

While it may be too late to give them for a holiday gift, it’s a great way to start off the New Year for you and your loved ones by using WhatIF foods.  These items are perfect for a college student that regularly eats Ramen and since the milk is shelf stable until opened, they don’t need to take up precious space in a small dorm fridge with larger milk containers.

You can learn more about the products, find recipes and and purchase them on their website here: https://whatif-foods.com/.

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