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Want to work out with a personal trainer at home, freshen up on your Spanish before the family vacation, or learn how to cook duck confit with a chef in your own kitchen?, is a new online site that brings the experts to you. is currently in Beta and offers you the chance to have personal sessions live online with hundreds of experts in fields from health and fitness to cooking, arts and crafts, music and more. You simply schedule your session when it’s convenient to you.

Since we homeschool, I wanted to highlight specifically the education-focused areas of the site.  We live in a day where information is easily accessible; libraries overflow with books and the internet is a treasure trove of resources.  Sometimes though, the best information comes from talking and being taught by someone face-to-face.  Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to always find an expert in your local community for that purpose.

Expertory makes it possible to schedule periodic or regular tutoring sessions with outstanding teachers from all over the world from the comfort and safety of home. Parents can arrange periodic tutoring sessions for their child to build on critical thinking skills learned throughout the regular school year. Expertory’s online platform makes it easy for both Expert and student to schedule a mutually convenient time.  It takes 90 seconds to schedule a session and the Expert sets their own fees.

To give you a better understanding of how Expertory works, I was invited to try it out for myself with a free class for anything of my choosing.

Our daughter is a high school senior and is planning on going to college for an arts & technology degree specifically for video game design and she’s hoping to land a job in the industry in concept art, so this class was especially interesting to her and so we scheduled it for her to take.

Booking a class is simple, and it gives you a choice of dates and times so you can fit your lesson into your schedule.

The site makes use of Skype so you can video chat live with your instructor and ask questions (instead of watching a pre-taped video or a one sided lesson). also sends you e-mail reminders and lets you know of all the things you’ll need to do to make your call run smoothly.

Our daughter’s personal experience using was extremely positive.  She was able to sit down with a professional gaming artist and ask all the question she could think of.  Her instructor was patient (especially with her using Skype as she hasn’t used it all that often!), helpful and nice.  She spent nearly the full allotted hour of the session on the call and came out more confident and knowledgeable about the topic then when she went in.  He took the time to look at her art on her site and critique it and let her know what she could use more practice on and where she was doing well. lessons come in all different topics and likewise they also are different lengths, and cost different price points.  But you can book ones for Free, or $25.00 and under, and they range all the way up to over $1,000.  (See something for everyone!)  The inexpensive classes are a great way to get your feet wet in a topic that you might want to pursue but don’t know much about (like guitar lessons, yoga or Spanish classes).

The session our daughter took was priced at $35.00 for the hour.  As a parent I feel it was well worth the price asked, as we don’t personally know anyone in the industry that could have answered the questions she wanted answered or anyone even somewhat knowledgeable about the industry and what she would need to be successful in it.

So head over to to see what you can learn!

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  1. That price is fantastic for an hour (one-on-one time) with an expert! That's a great option for those who may have unique hobbies that don't have local educational sources to go visit.

  2. That is so cool! I am definitely going to have to check them out and see if there may be a way for me to use it for the boys this year.

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