ONC Coloring Products, a Natural Hair Color that’s Healthier

ONC Coloring Products, a Natural Hair Color that’s Healthier

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I was not blessed with great hair color genes 😉  My mom’s hair was pure white by the time she was 41!  I almost think I’d roll with that if mine was too, but alas I got the gray not the white and so every 4-8 weeks I’m busy spending an evening with a box of dye or an afternoon at a salon making sure those grays aren’t visible to anyone else.  I feel like it’s a necessary evil for me and in order to look my best (and not like I’m 44 going on 60), I have to douse my hair with dye that is full of chemicals and toxic elements which is harming my hair more than I care to admit.   

ONC NATURALCOLORS sent a box to me free of charge to try out for myself and share my thoughts about it with you.  Any opinions stated in this post are my own.  When I was asked to review ONC a natural hair color product, I was intrigued and was wondering whether a natural and safe product would do the job as well as a box of ammonia laden dye.

ONC Coloring products, are a natural hair color that is healthier and contains a spectrum of 29 shades. NATURALCOLORS pigments are enriched with soya and almond oil to cover even the most resistant hair.   

I chose to go with the 4N, which is a medium brown.  The N shades are recommended for those that have over 40% of gray hairs to cover (like me!).  I had a dark color like this on my hair with highlights over the winter, and then went lighter the next dye cycle, but really liked the darker color on myself so I thought I’d see what ONC NATURALCOLORS could do to turn my hair from light to dark and if I’d like the results.

The ONC NATURALCOLORS kit comes with all that you need to color your hair.  The color fix, the color gel, mixing cup, brush, cap, gloves, shampoo, conditioner and of course instructions!

This is what I started with:

It’s very easy to use, mix the colorfix and color gel in the plastic cup, and then brush it on.

If you have dyed your hair before, you’ll apply the mixture to your roots and then cover it with the provided cap, hit it with medium heat from a blow dryer for 10-20 minutes depending on how stubborn your grays are, and then proceed to brush it on the rest of your hair and leave it on for up to 35 minutes without the cap or heat.

The reason you need to use the blow dryer at the onset is because NATURALCOLORS pH is very low.  It cannot open the hair cuticle with a high pH like chemical colors.  Instead,  NATURALCOLORS uses heat to open the cuticle and penetrate the color.  Heat opens the cuticles of the hair in the same way as a sauna opens the pores of your skin.  There is no itch and no damage to your hair or scalp.  This is a much healthier approach than traditional Chemical color, for your hair, your scalp and your health.  But if you have hair that has been colored before you don’t want to use additional heat on it past the roots.

One of the other great things about this natural hair color is that it is Resorcinol Free.  Resorcinol is harmful, an irritant to eyes and skin and dangerous for the environment, among other things.  Who wants to put that on their hair and scalp?  Eek!  Good thing ONC products don’t have that!  It is also Ammonia Free.  I probably don’t have to tell you how harsh ammonia is.

So whenever I color my hair at home, my husband stays as far away from our bathroom as possible due to the smell.  I have to say NATURALCOLORS definitely does not have a chemical scent at all.  They say it has the delicious aroma of bananas, which I didn’t really pick up, but it smells good for hair coloring that’s for darn sure 😉  The shampoo and conditioner packets that are included smell super good!

In the end what did I think of NATURALCOLORS?  Well I was pretty impressed with how my color job turned out:

The coverage is good, and while I didn’t find it difficult to follow the instructions, it is a bit different than your typical slap on some dye foam and rinse.  You can tell that it got most of my gray, and the few that it didn’t get was most likely user error and not the color itself.  I’m not sure if I left it on long enough for my thick, resistant hair as it picked up the color shading that I still had on the shafts from the previous highlights I had, but I really like it that way, so I’m not disappointed.  

ONC NATURALCOLORS retails at $24.95 a box.  That is pricier than your typical in-home chemical hair dye kit, but a lot cheaper than a salon job.  I feel like for a natural hair color it’s priced appropriately.  I will check back in on this post if I remember to (remind me, leave a comment, lol!) and let you know how many weeks the color lasted.  I think I would try it again, even at that price point at least one more time, since I now know the “basics” of what I need to do and how long to leave the mixture on from my first go through.

On another note, it doesn’t stain your scalp, hands or face.  I did have some stain my finger nails but that wore off in a couple of days.  I dripped some on our tile floor and it wiped off fine, and even the cloth that I wiped it up with came out stain free from the laundry.  

You can purchase ONC NATURALCOLORS  on their website at: https://oncnaturalcolors.com/collections/onc-strong-natural-strong-colors.

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  1. Natural hair color is the best thing! This brand looks fantastic and extraordinary in several approaches, I’ll have to try it!

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