$$ Off at Target!

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I love shopping at Target because I can get stylish clothing and save dollars. Generally I don’t need anything, it’s more a want, so I don’t want to buy anything that’s overly pricey. Most of the time I’ll use a Target promo code when I shop to save me even more money.

I also get 5% off every purchase I make because I have a Target card. I don’t carry a balance on my card, so I never pay any fees. So between that, sales and promo codes, I often snag clothing deals for literally pennies on the dollar.

Just the other day we were at Target picking up a prescription for my husband, and I picked up a cute shirt for next to nothing. After a $3 coupon, I only spent $1.48 on it. Really!

The trouble is, there are so many things I could purchase, and Target makes it so easy to save money. I go in for one thing, and I come out with a cartful! I also saw this shirt, and I just might go back and get it.

I was actually surprised to see all the summer things at great clearance prices. This fall and back-to-school stuff is sneaking up on me faster than I’d like! There are a lot of good deals on things for your kids for back to school at Target as well. The spiral-bound notebook packages are always worth buying, and make sure you pick up extras, because you know half way through the school year, your kids are going to tell you they need more.

When we were at the cash register checking out, there was a teen girl behind us buying a pair of jeans. I had printed off a coupon at home to save $5 on any womens denim bottoms, but never used it. I asked her if she wanted to save five dollars, and she was so excited that I was able to save her some money. My daughter thought it was so nice that I shared the coupon with her.

What’s your favorite thing to shop for at Target?

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