New “Try and Keep Up” Streetwear

Some days I feel like I am so ahead of the pack (not often, just some days, lol!).  I’ll be talking to my husband and spouting off things, and he’ll stop me and say “HUH?!”  And I respond sort of sarcastically (and sort of seriously!) “TRY AND KEEP UP.

As we all Try And Keep Up ® (TAKU) in today’s fast-moving, globally aware times, some of you may enjoy sporting an all-new attitude of multiculturalism that’s hitting the streetwear circuit from TAKU. 

Another lifestyle statement traveling from TAKU that’s gaining worldwide momentum from the streets of New York to Los Angeles and from Shanghai to Osaka, Japan is “Too Much Ego Will Kill Your Talent”,  perhaps inspiring this year’s holiday gift for those who travel with bigger than life personalities.

3rd Culture Style – the newest international streetwear imprint coming out of the music industry with tentacles of multiculturalism reaching literally all over the globe, hence their Octopus-styled logo.

Made in the USA, 3rd Culture Style is the brainchild of one of the world’s top percussionists on today’s top touring and recording circuit TAKU Hirano, referred by rock legend Mick Fleetwood as “the secret weapon” behind today’s top names in music.

3rd Culture Style embodies all of TAKU’s worlds of international travel, skate culture, rock music, Hip-Hop lifestyle, fashion, love of tattoo art, and photographic curating of street art. All now melded to form 3rd Culture Style, boasting today an expansion of style reps and influencers in China, Japan, Portugal, Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the Caribbean.

The brand’s first design Try and Keep Up ® stemmed from a need for apparel to serve as merchandise for TAKU’s international drum workshops, held while on tour.

TAKU knew he was on to something as his name is the acronym for “Try and Keep Up.” He adopted the moniker and the hashtag “#taku” as his trademarked slogan.

For an upcoming Holiday Gift, why not consider the Try and Keep Up ® design for a mom in your life, as a stocking stuffer gift idea in lieu of the usual holiday PJs, because really who better to keep up with than that busy mom who holds it all together on the homefront and beyond?!

Or, the “toughened up black and camouflage” in lieu of the usual tie or black socks for the man cave hubby, the motorcycle road traveler, and/or the tech guru dad or teen.

I’m taking the Try and Keep Up. motto to a different level for 2015, as I’m planning on taking exercise more seriously next year, who knows..maybe I’ll even try and run a 5K?!

Media Sample provided for the purpose of this post.

Prices start at $27.00. You can see more product options at:

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