New Little Caesars DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza ~ Giveaway

I was contacted directly by Little Caesars, who asked for me to share my opinion by way of review and they provided me with a gift card to do so.  They also provided the assets for this post and the giveaway prize.

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Have you tried Little Caesars new DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza?  It’s a traditional Detroit-style deep dish with more of the stuff you love: crispy corner crust, more cheese and more pepperoni!  HOT-N-READY from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and only $8 (+ tax at particular locations).  Can you say “Value! Value!” ?!

Being able to pick this up HOT-N-READY was a great thing for us this past Sunday evening.  We had an open house that lasted until 4 p.m. so before we went home when it was over, we swung by our local Little Caesars pizza place, and in less than 5 minutes I was in and out the door with this DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pepperoni Pizza and a cheese pizza as well.

So the reason I ordered the cheese pizza is because not everyone in my family likes pepperoni, especially my husband.  But I’m going to let you in on a little secret – he tried a piece, because he thought it looked so good!

If you like crust – the crust on this pizza is divine.  It’s golden and crisp and so tasty.  It doesn’t look like a lot of pizza in the box, but it is – 2 pieces had me filled up easily (although I admit to having another half of one because I liked it so much!).  While my husband didn’t care for the pepperoni and after the first piece ate his cheese pizza, he did say that the crust was fabulous on the DEEP! DEEP! Dish, and it won’t surprise me to see him picking off the pepperoni and eating it that way for leftovers.

Win It!

I have one $10 Little Caesars Gift Card to giveaway so one of my readers can go out and try the DEEP! DEEP! DISH pizza for themselves.

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