New Game Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed

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Fur will fly this holiday season as Katsuma is Unleashed on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS in a roarsome new adventure.

My nephew who will be 7 soon, just got a Nintendo 3DS and I knew he would be excited over this game based on the most popular Moshi Monster of all, Katsuma.  In this side-scrolling video game adventure, players will jump, spin, dash and bash their way through six brand new monster-ific worlds packed with battles, baddies and a host of hidden secrets!

Moshi fans embark on a voyage with Katsuma as he tries to rescue his fellow Moshi Monsters from the evil Dr. Strangeglove, who has been up to no good, and has kidnapped all the Moshi Monsters in order to force Elder Furi to reveal the power of Moshi Picchu.

Only players and Katsuma can save the day and find the coins, which will free Elder Furi from where he’s being held.  It won’t be easy though, as there is an army of Blumps, Robot Moshlings and C.L.O.N.C.’s elite bosses in the way – gulp!  But help is on hand, as each time players rescue a Moshi Monster, Katsuma will be gifted their unique powers.  There are also Moshlings to be found in chests and Map Pieces to collect along the way.  It’s a whirlwind adventure and, to get hte better of their enemies, players have to rescue their Moshi friends and master Katsuma’s new capabilities.

Ohter exciting features in Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed include StreetPass™ (exclusive to Nintendo 3DS) secrets, 18 huge explorable levels, 12 playable mini stage challenges, seven boss battles and additional monster mini games where users play as each of the Moshi Monsters using their own unique moves.

After hours and hours of play, I think I can conclude that this game is a lot of fun for kids, and it was a monster hit.  It’s not outrageously priced at $29.99 for the 3DS version and $24.99 for the DS Version.  If your kids are at all into Moshi Monsters this is going to be appreciated when they unwrap it this holiday season.  The game has a free virtual moshling with it which you unlock with a code inside the case, providing an extra value.

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12 thoughts on “New Game Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed

  1. Never heard of the character but it sounds like something that would keep my son out of trouble for awhile,

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