My Sister is Helping Me ShipSmart

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Being the only member of my family living in the US, I spend a lot of time at the post office.

I didn’t want to let birthdays and holidays slip by without gifts for my nephews, but mailing things for each occasion separately started becoming costly.  It’s the same for them.  In order to mail packages to us it is terribly expensive.  Last Christmas my mom mailed me some baking, and chocolates and she spent over $20.00 to ship a relatively small package!  So what could we do?

My sister likes to shop online at stores that don’t ship to Canada or charge a premium to do so.  To offset the shipping costs, she opened up a mailbox in the US to ship things to.  They live close enough to the American border that they cross it at least every other month.  That helped me out too so now I have the option to mail things to a US address, eliminating the need for custom forms and expensive shipping to Canada.  It also allows me to insure the package in an easier way.  So she can be a smart shopper, and I can be a smart shipper!

Whenever I ship her a package, the owner of the facility lets her know by e-mail that it’s there.  Then she can plan a trip across the border to pick it up, or wait until she has more packages accumulated if it’s nothing urgent.

Being able to ShipSmart keeps me smiling, because it leaves me with some extra cash in my wallet (that usually ends up being spent on those same little guys anyway!).

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