Most Affordable Wedding Venues

When it comes to planning a wedding, brides have many things to do. From picking out a dress to deciding on the members of the wedding, planning a wedding takes a lot of time. One of the most important things any bride must do is pick out her wedding venue. A good wedding venue allows means ample space for guests, places to take lovely pictures and easy access for everyone attending the wedding. Many brides are looking for wedding venues that fit into their budget. Here are a few marvelous locations for that very special day.

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Thrasher-Horne Center

. This large venue offers many advantages. There’s plenty of space for everyone to relax. There’s also a convenient location and a highly trained staff to respond to the bride’s every need. This is an excellent place to hold a wedding for many guests and yet keep the wedding affordable at the same time. A concert venue makes a wonderful location for your wedding no matter your budget.

The Springfield Woman’s Club

Many have space that makes the perfect place to hold your wedding. This one is no exception. Like many other women’s clubs, it’s all about family, friends and love. The beautiful old building has an impressive cathedral and room for up to a hundred guests. Rental fees for the space are low enough to allow the bride to splurge on other extras.

Dolphin Plaza at Hanna Park

Many brides love the idea of holding their wedding next to the ocean. The warm breeze and welcoming sound of the tide make any wedding even more delightful. at Hanna Park makes it easy to make the bride’s dreams come true without breaking the bank. Enjoy a beautiful view and welcome guests here. Look for places that offer cheaper access to the kind of facilities you want for your wedding. Many places offer a great location and allow you to bring what you need for your wedding to the site.

Club Continental

Located on the banks of the St. Johns river, offers the ideal location to enjoy the riverfront in a lovely setting. They welcome weddings here with a an specific package of services devoted to them. The Club makes it easy to afford the wedding you want in a location that will delight your guests. Private clubs often have packages that make wedding planning a snap and make it easy to afford everything you want for your wedding day.

Ramona Pavilion

, like many other regional businesses that are owned locally, is one that welcomes weddings. This pavilion holds many weddings each year. When looking for affordable wedding venues, it’s often a good idea to look for locations that have experience holding weddings and welcome lots of brides annually. They often have lots of affordable deals that make it easy to hold your big day here.

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