More Funny Signs

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Since my previous post where I shared Funny Signs I Saw on Vacation has obviously been viewed many times over, I decided to be on the lookout for more Funny Signs, both on vacation and at home, and also that my friends and family have shared with me on Facebook.  Some you may have seen before, others maybe not, but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

 Seen at a local business.

My cousin’s husband posted this one on Facebook…he says that it’s in the bathroom at his work!

This is another one from Facebook.  A friend posted it.  Interesting take on the whole Don’t Drink & Drive campaign in South America. This one says, “If you drink & drive, please crash. This way there will be one less imbecile on the road.”

Seen in a store when I went shopping 🙂

If you’re British, European, Australian or Canadian or into biking or skateboarding the above pic probably isn’t as funny as it was to me.  My nephew took this in Australia, and posted in on Facebook.  Having no clue about the clothing brand Bench., I thought it was kind of humorous.

So I’m gonna be on the look out for more funny signs in the future – some from others, some from me, hopefully it won’t take me almost six months to post them again though!

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