Monsters U: Top Tips for Surviving School!

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Are your little monsters still a little apprehensive about the school year? Professor Knight is here to help with his Top Tips for Surviving School, in anticipation of the release of Monsters University on Digital HD on October 8th and on Blu-ray Combo Pack on October 29th!

Download Professor Knight's Top Tips

Also check out the clips below!

Did you see Monsters U in theaters? Are you planning on seeing it on DVD?

28 thoughts on “Monsters U: Top Tips for Surviving School!

  1. Such a great movie! I was so excited to hear they made a second one, I think I'll try and get a box set of both movies!

  2. We LOVED Monsters University! I may or may not have just purchased Cheezits just because they had characters from MU on them…

  3. So cute! I still havent seen this movie yet. We have twins and its hard to get out much lol! We will be waiting for it to come out on DVD! Thanks!

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