Moms Are Free at Medieval Times

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In a couple of weeks we are looking forward to doing so many things!  Our daughter turned 18 at the end of April and is graduating from high school on the 17th.  My parents and my best friend and Amber’s best friend are all coming to celebrate those two occasions.

When Amber was five we went to Orlando for a vacation and we visited Medieval Times.  It was such a fun evening, and she even got the chance to be crowned the Queen of Love & Beauty by our section’s knight who ‘won’ the jousting event.

Medieval Times Orlando 2001 - Queen of Love and Beauty

I can’t believe that was 13 years ago!

But ever since we knew we were moving to the Dallas area last year, she has only asked for one thing.  That when Megan comes to visit for her graduation that we take them to Medieval Times.  How’s a mom supposed to say no to that?

I wish we were going this weekend though, because there will be 7 of us all together and 3 of us are Moms.  And guess what?

Until May 11th, 2014, at ALL Medieval Times locations, MOMS ARE FREE (with a full-priced adult admission)!

How awesome is that Moms?!  Drop a hint to your husband, your kids, or go out with your friends!  Enjoy the show with no dishes to wash afterward! 

The code to use is MOMWEB
Purchase tickets at:
You can connect with Medieval Times on Facebook too:

Have you ever been to Medieval Times before?  I can’t wait to share with you all the photos and experience of it again when we go in a couple of weeks.  After 13 years, I’ll be armed with a much better camera and a whole different perspective too!

20 thoughts on “Moms Are Free at Medieval Times

  1. What a fun way to spend time together, but I actually think my husband would love it best…he loves medieval times anything!

  2. We don't have a Medieval Times here, but there's one in Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately, we won't be there until June.

  3. I really wish we were going to be close to one of these this mother's day, my boys love this show and their food is so tasty!

  4. Not medieval times but we did a similar dinner at the Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas . It was the night before we got married over 21 years ago.

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