Modnique Review

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A few weeks ago I was introduced to a shopping site called Modnique. 

Modnique is a global fashion e-commerce company that was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Redondo Beach, Calif. Modnique runs boutique events for apparel, jewelry, shoes, handbags, watches, accessories, kids and beauty at up to 85% off retail. The company specializes in sourcing and shipping brands from around the world. New merchandise arrives daily and is featured in 36-72 hour sale events, while curated shops house inventory without an expiration date. Events and shops are sourced for the chic, international consumer and feature brand name items as well as emerging designers.

I love browsing celebrity designer fashions at the mall and online, but cashing in on my paychecks to buy the stuff…not so much, so a site like Modnique allows me to get designer styles without the designer price tag.

As I was perusing the site, finding SO much I wanted to buy I might add, I saw many world-renowned designers products.  Clothing and accessories from names like Ivanka Trump, Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors and Tory Burch.  The same names you see at stores like Saks 5th Avenue.  I tried not to run wild, but let me tell you it was hard to keep my shopping cart from over flowing.  Want to see what I bought?

First I found this Kenneth Cole Snap Puffer Vest.  Brand new, this down cornflower blue vest is perfect for the few cold days we’ll get this winter in North Texas (yes I’m trying to be optimistic, and ‘cold’ is relative especially for a Northern girl 😉 ).

The way you shop on Modnique is a little like a treasure hunt.  Some items have very limited inventory and only come in select sizes.  Like this vest for example.  When I first stumbled across it, it was already in someone else’s shopping cart!  The way it works is you choose something to purchase, click to add it to your cart and then you have a limited time to purchase it or it goes back on the virtual sales floor, giving some one else the chance to buy it.  You get a little countdown clock to help you keep track.  The nice thing is, you don’t have to worry that you’ll lose out on your deal if you continue to shop, because each time you add something to your cart, the timers replenish on everything that is in it.  The better the deal, the less time you have though.

So my deal on the vest…88% off.  Really!  List price $300.00, and I got it for $35.00.  cha-ching!

I also got these fantastic boots for just $19.00 (list price $72.00).  They were an unfamiliar brand to me, Quipid, but after doing some searches online, I saw selections on sites like DSW shoes, Pacsun and Tilly’s, so they obviously are a hip and up and coming brand.  These are perfect for wearing with tights or skinny jeans this fall and winter.

I’m so glad that I don’t even have to leave the house to find these great deals.  While I was poking around the site, I found this cute dress that I thought was a great deal.  A $79.00 value that I got for $21.00.

Modnique is a great online site for doing Christmas shopping too.  I know there is a ton of stuff on there that my sister would love.

20 Days of Deals started on Modnique on November 7th . New deals are revealed at 6am PST every day. The deals are so amazing that the items go fast!  Your can keep track of each day’s deal by either visiting Modnique, the Modnique blog, or the Modnique Facebook Page  They had iPad Minis for just $99.00!!  Just imagine what else they might be offering!!

Many Modnique items ship in 24 hours and shipping is always free for orders $99 and up. Modnique offers amazing deals on items for men, women, and children.  But I’m also happy to say that even the ones that have an estimated delivery date come in a timely manner.  I ordered my items on November 10th, and my estimated delivery date was November 19th, but surprise! my items actually arrived on November 16th.  That was a nice bonus.  My item total came to $75.00, but shipping wasn’t outrageous for all three I paid just $7.97 in shipping charges.

If you want to learn more about Modnique and it’s background, watch this video:

Who are your favorite fashion desingers?  Do they have any items on Modnique for a good price?

This review is part of a Splash Creative Media campaign on behalf of and that I received a gift certificate for the purposes of this review.

24 thoughts on “Modnique Review

  1. I am loving this site. I went to browse around and noticed that they have some different makeup that I buy on a regular basis for 50% off. So awesome. I like your finds and that pink dress is fabulous on you.

  2. Loving the puffy vest! I always like it when I can get designer clothing for much cheaper than the designer price tag!

  3. This website is awful. You think you are getting a great deal but you're not. And a return will take you one month to get your money back. The same for, their sister company. Their Customer Service is a joke and trying to resolve anything is almost impossible, they suck!

  4. I'm sorry you feel that way Anna. I had a good experience with them, and I checked the prices out prior to buying and the items I purchased were indeed a bargain. Likely Modnique runs similar to most bargain sites in that they have closeouts and overstocks and so you may be buying a previous season's line or something a department store didn't sell. I didn't need to return anything so can't comment on that.

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