Mighty Mug the Mug That Won’t Fall Over

So you all know I love my coffee.  I have a mug next to my computer for at least six hours a day, sometimes more.  I’d be a liar if I said I’ve never knocked said filled mug over and had coffee splashed on my keyboard.  Or my desk.  Or a contract.  Because I have, many times.  And then I was introduced to Mighty Mug.  The concept intrigued me.  A mug that attaches itself to a flat surface.  If your hand bumps it…it won’t spill over.  Hmm… if it works, that’s genius!

So the company sent me a code that allowed me to purchase three of the Mighty Mugs for a huge discount.Mighty MugCheck out this video so you can see how it works.

I was pretty excited to get them and washed them right away so that I could use them.  Of course I had to test them out right?  I mean besides just drinking coffee from them.  Did they really work?  Well we would soon see.  I placed an empty Mighty Mug on the side of my desk and got to work (see how skeptical I was!).  I was typing and using my mouse and then yep as I generally would when I’m working I knocked the Mighty Mug while I was moving my mouse… and it didn’t tip over!  Score 1 for Mighty Mug.

Then I was like, maybe I’m a wimp!  I’ll have my husband try it.  He too was unable to knock it over with a little push.

We did find though that with enough force you can tip it over.  So while it definitely worked for normal knocks and nudges, a fell swoop or heavy hit may up end the Mighty Mug.  It doesn’t tip over with normal day to day use I’ve found.Also the base, which is what keeps its grip on the surface, has to be relatively clean for it to adhere.  If there are dust or crumbs sticking to it, your mileage may vary on if it clings to the surface top or if stays standing when you knock it.  With a little debris we didn’t notice any change in grip, but there came a point that it got too dirty for it to stick any more.  Just washing it up solves that problem, but it’s worth noting if you’re the type of person who doesn’t always clean their mug at work (hey, I know plenty of people that don’t!).  The Smartgrip® technology also seems to like certain surfaces, so it doesn’t do as well on some as others.  It works great on my desk, kitchen table and our granite.  Not so well on the counter top of my coffee bar which is varnished wood.

Out of the three varieties I purchased the favorite of mine is actually the cream colored one, the Mighty Mug Solo.  It’s 11 oz. so fits under the spout of my single serve coffee machine and is just right for a single brew cycle.  It fits in my car cup holder and I don’t feel like I’m carrying a thermos with me when I use it 🙂  And here’s the great part, it isn’t really “suctioned” to your surface, so when you pick it up it is just like lifting a normal mug, you don’t have to tug on it.

That being said, the teal of the Mighty Mug Go (16 oz) is a gorgeous color.  And I do like the handle on the Mighty Mug Desk.  I’ve been preferring to drink out of these without the lids when at home, the two travel mugs when on the go the lids are fine, but actually a feature I like about them is that the rim without the lid on is comfortable to drink from which is really hit or miss with most travel mugs.Mighty Mugs cost between $14.99-$19.99.  Besides the three I feature here, there is also a Mighty Mug Ice for cold drinks.

Mighty Mug is generously providing a $30 gift card for one of my readers so they can try a Mighty Mug for themselves.  Just click on the picture below and you will be taken to the entry page.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 1.21.27 AM

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