Merci Chocolates for the Holidays #MeaningfulMerci ~ Give Away

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There are so many things we’re thankful for and we’re sure you feel the same way. Why not show how special these everyday thank you occasions are? The holiday season is a particularly great time to share a meaningful thank you. Whether the person you want to thank is your neighbor who throws a great party, or your postal worker who delivers the mail with a smile, there is no better way to share the “Joy of Thank You” than with a box of Merci chocolates.  For me that would be the building manager in our condominium complex. She schedules all the maintenance appointments, brings my packages in when we go away, and makes sure that the money from our HOA fees goes as far as possible. She sure makes my life easier!

I really believe that a box of chocolates goes a long way in showing gratitude and fostering some future goodwill 🙂 Each box of Merci includes a delicious selection of rich, European chocolates made from the finest ingredients. Flavors range from Milk Chocolate, Cream Truffle and Hazelnut-Almond to Dark Cream and Praline-Crème and are truly scrumptious. There isn’t a bad flavor in the box, but I’m partial to the Coffee and Cream (who’d a thunk?!).

I am no stranger to Merci Chocolates, it was a staple in our home at Christmas when I was a young girl. My grandparents lived in Germany and would ship boxes of it so we could enjoy them Christmas Eve. Eventually my mom started bringing home a whole bagful when we would go visit over there and yes, give them out as thank you presents to our teachers at Christmas break. There are 4 of us kids and I know the teachers were always glad to see one of us in their classroom, because they knew they’d get a box of these at Christmas from my mom, LOL! Once Merci Chocolates were available in North America, I know plenty of people that started buying the boxes themselves for gifts because they had once (or twice!) gotten them from my mom.

You can find Merci Chocolates at local retailers and online as well.

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134 thoughts on “Merci Chocolates for the Holidays #MeaningfulMerci ~ Give Away

  1. I'm thankful for my husband. I'm also thankful for my sister who loves chocolate and I'd give this to her.

  2. I am thankful for my beat friend and I would like to gift her a box of Merci Chocolates.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. I would give it to my mother in law who does so much for me including sharing her chocolate.

  4. I'm thankful for my mother, who does a lot for me and my brother. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I'm thankful to my mom and she LOVES Merci chocolate, so this would be perfect! Our family has had a rough couple of years financially, but she always tries to do all that she can for my sisters and I. She doesn't indulge herself, or get herself nice things, because she saves everything she has for us! She's the best mom ever – when things were really, really tight right at the peak of the recession and we were having trouble keeping any food in the fridge or pantry, she'd even drink tap water at breakfast so that my sisters and I could have the milk and she saved all the fruit for us and pinched pennies to be able to buy us a tub of ice cream now and then. I love her!!

  6. without a doubt my husband and children
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  7. If I won I would have to split this with my nephew who is a sweet kid. He always let's me pinch his Halloween stash. He knows I am addicted to kitkats and always give's them to me.

  8. Just leave a comment telling us who you are thankful in your life that you would love to gift a box of Merci Chocolates to.

    that im alive,and ill eat em all..ha ha

  9. Thankful for some super nice neighbors and would give it to them

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  10. I am thankful for all the help and advice my mother gave me this past year and would love to gift her some sweet treats!

  11. I would love to give these to my wonderful wife. She has held our family together the past couple of years while I have had medical issues. She really deserves some good chocolate.

  12. I am thankful for my mother in law who has always been respectful and kind to me. I would love to gift a box of Merci Chocolates to her.

  13. I'm very thankful for my wonderful mother-in-law who has been there for me through some rough health times.

  14. I am thankful to my Dad, even though the last thing he needs is a box of chocolates.

  15. My mom. I'm so thankful for all she had done for me and now for my kids.

  16. I'm thankful for my husband who works long hours so I can stay home with my children

  17. I'm thankful for my friend Aileen who has helped me through a great ordeal this year.

  18. I am thankful for all my loved ones, especially my beloved boyfriend who has stood by
    me thru thick and thin <3

  19. i am thankful for my friends and family… but i love chocolate and would not be sharing. 😉

  20. I'm thankful for my husbands. He's put up with lots of stuff the last couple years.

  21. I am thankful for my husband and family and our neighbors. The cnady would be given to the neighbors who are always willing to lend a hand if they are needed.

  22. I am thankful for my husband and children who I cherish more than anything in the world,

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