Finding a Meaningful Birthday Gift for Your Spouse

Life changes once you get married. It changes from “what I want” to “what they want.” There is so much commitment, collaboration, and compromise when it comes to marriage and relationships, and it definitely has its challenges, no doubt. Taking the time to learn your spouse’s likes, dislikes, and pet peeves are just some of the things you’ll find on your journey. , marriage is about learning to enjoy this adventure for the rest of your life.

A big thing that arises when having a spouse is remembering what days are important to them. Whether they lost a loved one on a particular day, or your wedding anniversary (Heaven help you if you forget that), there are a lot of things to keep in mind. One of these important days is your spouse’s birthday. Regardless if they like to celebrate it or not, it shows a lot of love if you take the time and care to remember and make it special. One of the best ways to do this is to find a meaningful gift for them. Not just anything you could find at the store, but something that is really heartfelt and catered specifically to them. Here are some tips that will help you find this perfect gift.

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Know What She Likes

This is about as “duh” as it gets. Before you even think about getting your spouse a gift, you have to know what exactly it is that they like, especially if they’re one of those people that are incredibly hard to shop for. If they ask for something specific, you’re probably better off going with that. If they decide to be coy about it and say “I don’t really want anything,” don’t buy it. Get something anyways just to show that you love them that much.

If you ever get stuck on trying to think of something that would mean a lot to them, just ask. Odds are that you’ll get a much better reaction if you give a heartfelt gift that they saw coming rather than getting something lackluster that comes as a surprise. says to keep your spouse’s tastes at the forefront of your thinking.

Remember That You Don’t Have to Spend Money

This cannot be stressed enough. Many people think that in order to get the perfect gift for their spouse, they have to spend a load of cash to get an extravagant gift that will hopefully mean a lot. Folks, you can’t buy love. And while spending that much money is an incredible gesture of how much you care them, it’s not always the best option, . Sometimes your spouse would like it more if you just took them out for a casual dinner or just spent the entire day together. It’s the little things that go a long way.

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Don’t Be Cheap Either

That being said, do not get into the habit of spending no money just because you’re saving up for the latest smartphone or because it’s an inconvenience to you. Relationships, let alone marriages, are about sacrifice. You need to learn to be able to let go of your finances for the happiness of your spouse, and if they see that you’re making the effort, they’ll be thankful for whatever it is you gift them with.

On that note, you don’t even have to spend a lot of money. A good birthday gift could be going out to see a romantic movie, or taking them out to a fancy dinner. It’s all about being creative and showing your spouse that you still love them.

Give from the Heart

Many times, there is this dramatic feeling that you get when you think of your spouse and why you decided to marry them in the first place. There was once a time where you wished you could make time stand still just so you could spend an infinite amount of time with them. Think back to those feelings when you go out to get your spouse a gift. Naturally, your heart will take over and come to something that they will love and appreciate greatly. Give with your heart and give out of love. Remind them why you married them in the first place.

Finding a meaningful birthday gift for your spouse doesn’t have to be a painful or expensive process. For example, to choose from that would definitely make your spouse smile in gratitude. All in all, whatever gift you get is entirely dependent on who you married. Put them before yourself, find something specifically for them, and give them a big kiss when you present it.

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  1. Birthday gifts from the heart are the best, I prefer those to any extravagant present.

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