Master Lock Wall Mount Push Button Lock Box

As a Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad Ambassador, I have received compensation and products for my family to use in my home for our safety and security. Any opinions I share in posts related to the Live Security Squad and Master Lock are my own.

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With just recently having moved from a small city where if you left your garage door open all night you didn’t have to worry too much to a large metroplex of 6,000,000 people where they probably record more crimes in a day than there were people living in our previous city; it’s no wonder that I’m even more concerned about safety than I used to be. I think we live in a pretty safe neighborhood, but since we’re just getting to know our community and haven’t made any local friends yet, we don’t really have any one to trust as of yet to watch out for our place when we go away.

Yet we know that won’t always be the case, and in the spirit of National Preparedness Month, we’re getting prepared for the day when we’ll need someone to keep an eye on our place, bring in any unexpected packages, or whatever else we might need done when we’re not at home.

Master Lock’s Wall Mount Push Button Lock Box is a convenient and secure way to store spare keys and other items.  Whether it’s because your child left their house keys at home, your neighbor is watering your plants while you’re away, or you locked yourself out of the house…again – it’s an ideal way to have control over who has access to your home. 

This lock box features a convenient push button locking mechanism in a familiar phone like keypad.  And the buttons are large and visible in low light conditions.

The inside is pretty large.  You can see the depth of the cavity.  The package includes a key hook as well, so you can choose to use it with or without.

One of the nicest features of this lock box is its weather cover.  It helps freezing and jamming, protects the buttons and of course makes it a little less obvious at first glance to what exactly it is.

You’ll notice that the Master Lock Mount Push Button Lock Box is heavy.  That’s because the construction of it is a solid body.  Which of course helps it withstand hammering or other methods of breaching it. 

Besides the obvious use of storing keys in it, there are a few reasons such a box would be useful to have.  Small items that someone needs to retrieve from you (cash, access cards, etc.) can be placed in the box and the code given so that they can get it even if you’re not home.  Or if you don’t want a neighbor to come into your house to place delivered packages, you could simply put a garage door opener in it (assuming it’s small enough), to place the items in the garage.

A handing recoding tool is included along with the key hook, screws to mount it to the wall and instructions for setting, resetting and mounting the lock box.  This way you can give one person a code to pick up a check you owe them and the next time you need to give someone access to the box for a different reason you can reset the code and put in a new one.

If you’re like me and your memory is starting to go , don’t forget to sign up for to safely store your combo each time you change it.

We haven’t mounted ours yet because we haven’t decided where we want to put it.  I’m leaning to toward by the garage, but I’m not quite sure yet.

Do you have a place where you feel it’s safe to store keys in case someone needs access to your home?  The Master Lock Wall Mount Push Button Lock Box might be worth considering if you don’t.  It retails at $37.95 and like all Master Lock products it’s “Tough Under Fire.”

27 thoughts on “Master Lock Wall Mount Push Button Lock Box

  1. This is handy! Fortunately, I have my in-laws right across the street, and my sister lives about 10 mins away from me, and they both have spare keys to our house and our cars.

  2. yes,we have a hiding place but id drather lock them somewhere so not just anyone can get to them

  3. we give keys to inlaws that don't live to far from our home so if we get locked out they can drive them right over, THis is a really intesting product 'thanks for sharing

  4. Although I am not sure we would have an outdoor need for a lock box like this, I could think of a few wonderful ways we could implement this inside our home!

  5. This is awesome! We do have a place where we hide a house key, however, I really like this. Very secure concept!

  6. I like this lockbox, especially being anti-freeze. Dog house would also be a good place to hide it.

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