Low-Lactose and Lactose-Free Dairy MAX Pop-Up Dining Event

Earlier this week I was treated to a pop-up dining experience thanks to the local dairy council, Dairy MAX.  Pop-up dinners are one-time food events that offer guests a taste of something different, and in this case it was to showcase and share some insight into low-lactose and lactose free options.

Chef Caitlin Steininger (Cooking With Caitlin) highlighted her creativity by tempting us with southern inspired dishes, all made with real dairy products that were either lactose-free or low-in lactose.Since our daughter is lactose intolerant it was a great experience for her to join me as a guest.  The information we received from presenting dietitians and digital media about lactose myths were helpful for both of us to see where we could incorporate dairy into her diet with out fear of digestion issues.  The interaction of Chef Caitlin on the stage cooking up some of the dishes we got to taste, and even having her serve, was delightful.  The event though was really all about the dairy.  Innovation has allowed for lactose-free milk and ice cream both of which we got to experience at the pop-up dining event.  They are REAL cow’s milk just with the lactose removed.  Those with lactose intolerance…rejoice!

If you were following along on my social media channels (Instagram & Twitter) you probably saw my posted food photos from this event.  In all honesty…I wished the event could have gone on, or I could have had seconds and thirds 😉  Ha! As if 9 courses wasn’t enough (it wasn’t by the way 😉 ).

I think I need to extend my waist band this evening. #dairyamazing @DairyMax

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This particular pop-up dining experience provided a less formal atmosphere to get to know the ingredients behind the recipes—which is important for those who have issues with lactose because it provided skills and information more than what can be gleaned from just reading a list of ingredients in a recipe.  For instance, what kind of cheeses are lower in lactose? Where can I substitute Greek yogurt in recipes? Or can I use lactose-free milk like regular milk? (Hint: see what we ate below to find the answers to those questions!). The night was kicked off with a few appetizers: Monterey Jack Tuilles with Pico de Gallo (featuring natural/aged cheese which are lower in lactose)

Smoked Gouda Spoonbread with Texas Caviar (featuring Greek yogurt and natural/aged cheeses)Fresh Spinach & Roasted Tomato Salad with Crispy Bacon, Avocado, and Greek Yogurt Dressing (Featuring Greek yogurt and lactose-free milk)Classic main dish favorites were then given a twist by making them low in lactose and Chef Caitlin gave them a delicious southern spin:

Creamy Potato Salad with Chopped Brisket (featuring Greek Yogurt)Oaxaca Cheese Quesadilla with Hot Pickled Onions (featuring natural/aged cheeses)Chicken-Fried Shrimp with Herb Gravy served beside a Watermelon-Jalapeño Salad (featuring lactose-free milk and natural cheese)And then of course there were the Sweet Inspirations:

Ice Cream Sandwiches dredged in Peanuts (featuring lactose-free ice cream)Homemade Pound Cake & Roasted Plums (featuring lactose-free milk)Pecan-Pie Truffles (featuring lactose-free half and half)low-lactose lactose-free dairy recipeEach plate was very delicious. This was a fun night out, and I can’t wait to try some of the recipes at home myself.  If you are interested in more research/studies about dairy and lactose intolerance or would like any of these recipes you can view them here: http://dairydiscoveryzone.com.

This event truly showcased how those that deal with lactose intolerance can still eat dairy and that there are choices when choosing dairy that avoid that uncomfortable digestion issue.  Dairy MAX is dedicated to educating on how dairy foods are healthy and can taste great for everyone. Click on the infographic below to make it larger!You can find more information about dairy & lactose intolerance here: http://dairydiscoveryzone.com/nutrition/lactose-intolerance

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  1. It is great that the milk sufferers of the world are finally getting some good food. I’ve tried using my soy milk in place of milk in recipes and it doesn’t always work.

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