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My daughter hates socks.  With a passion.  That proved to be a major dilema for winters when we lived up north.  You just can’t go without socks in December in South Dakota.

I had won a couple of sets of LittleMissMatched socks in a contest a number of years ago and because of their quirky ‘unmatching matching,’ Amber was compelled to actually wear them.  Imagine my surprise when she actually found them comfortable too.  And those 6 socks rotated as the only ones she would have on her feet when ‘sock season’ demanded it.

Over the years she wore those socks out.  Right down to the last fiber.  Actually she still has 2 of the 6 socks left, as thin as they are on the bottom.  And while socks in Texas aren’t as important to have on our feet in December 😉 it can still get too cold for bare feet and flip flops in winter and so I made her pack a few pairs of socks along with her to college. 

She was lamenting as she opened her drawer to add some, and then I surprised her with these.

LittleMissMatched provided me with samples for review.

LittleMissMatched while targeted for younger girls through pre-teens isn’t exclusive to that age group when it comes to their accessories.  You’ve seen the way college kids dress, yes?!  Well let me tell you my daughter’s Camo Ankle Socks are a hit among her peers on campus.

LittleMissMatched encourages young girls to be unique, show their creativity, and embrace individual style.  Sounds a lot like the freshman embarking on being out on their own for the first time too, doesn’t it 🙂

Besides their packs of 3 mismatched matching socks (which also come in adult sizes), their line of accessories includes backpacks, bedding, arm and leg warmers, jewelry and more.  And for girls they have a line of clothing as well.

If you’ve already stocked up on the necessities for back-to-school let me remind you that Christmas is approaching quickly.  The LittleMissMatched socks and accessories make terrific stocking stuffers.

Seeing as my daughter is an artist and is all about the colors and creativity, the LittleMissMatched vision is what she’s all about.  Would the girls in your life like to wear these trendy pieces?   Go meander over to the LittleMissMatched online store and see all the fun things they have!

17 thoughts on “LittleMissMatched Accessories & Clothing

  1. I would wear them myself, that is when I have to wear socks. I'm like your daughter, I don't wear them unless I have to.

  2. My son loves to wear mismatched socks my daughter like yours HATES wearing them, thankfully they are not as necessary in Florida.

  3. I LOVE LittleMissMatched so much, mostly because the sock monster can steal as many as it wants and my daughter can just wear these fun mismatched socks!

  4. Oh my goodness, this definitely solves the problem of the socks constantly missing. This actually encourages us to wear mismatched socks.

    I've always thought it was no big deal because most of the time my socks aren't seen by anyone who isn't close to me. These look like really good socks.

  5. These are not good for me and my OCD. But it would eliminate me having to match socks in the laundry.

  6. I guess I'm not the only one that hates wearing socks. The only times I've worn socks was for yoga. These are so cute, though!

  7. My oldest (10) is currently in a big funky sock phase. I'm sure she would really appreciate the idea of colorful mismatching as well.

  8. My girls would adore the socks! And since I can never find the partner for socks, having them not match on purpose is a bonus in my book!

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