Life is Unpredictable: Get Ready – Giveaway

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It’s about time spring has arrived to most parts of the country, am I right?!  I was really shocked that last week when our friends flew in from South Dakota for our daughter’s graduation that they had to de-ice the plane on May 16th, that’s just craziness!

After a winter like this, most of us are ready for a change. Spring is a time for renewal and planning — for some wedding bells will soon ring, while buyers and sellers are anxious to get into a new home. Tax refunds may even spark the desire to buy a new car. Spring can be exciting, but major life events have insurance implications. And all too often, people wait for something bad to happen before they worry about whether or not they have the right amount of coverage. The best time to get educated about insurance is when you’re in the process of making a major life decision, like buying a new car — before a related crisis, such as a car accident.

Having worked in the insurance industry for many years, I know to make myself informed about what’s available and to research and ask about the type of coverage we need.  But I know that’s not necessarily true for everyone so here are some tips on behalf of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Get Ready
Insurance needs vary greatly by person, but there are some common life situations during which it’s especially important to ask the tough questions, including:
Buying a New Car: Beyond the sale price, what other costs should I keep in mind?
Getting Married: How might our individual credit and legal histories impact our combined financial future?
Buying a New Home: How would I handle the financial burden of an unexpected disaster
affecting my home?

If you’re in the midst of a major life event, new Get Ready resources from Insure U can help you get smart about insurance now, before a crisis, and avoid hasty, uninformed and costly decisions later. For the life situations mentioned above, Insure U offers 5 Tough Questions to ask yourself and Take Action Now checklists to help you get ready. Additional kits will be published this summer. For more tough questions to consider, plus supporting infographics, videos, apps and games, visit

Similar to how life is full of surprises, NAIC wants to send one of my readers a “Life Kit” – it’s full of fun “Life” stuff for you to enjoy and help you Get Ready to get smart about insurance.

This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents ages 18+. No PO Boxes. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, and will be randomly chosen. By entering this giveaway you are stating that you have read and agree to the Privacy Statement and Giveaway Rules posted on our site. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.  Giveaway ends at 11:00 PM CST on May 30, 2014.

52 thoughts on “Life is Unpredictable: Get Ready – Giveaway

  1. Turning 50 is a big one but turning seventy is even bigger my two oldest are now in the fifties.

  2. I have actually gone through most of these life events. The worst being the company my husband worked for for over 15 years suddenly closed. He had worked for this company since high school. We married young, had 3 kids and I was a stay at home mom. This job loss almost devastated us. Luckily my husband found a new job but for the six months it took we were scrapping by. Big lesson don't live beyond your means.

  3. We have had a car catch on fire due to electrical issues, was only 5 years old.

  4. I am old enough to have experienced most of these. No major new events in my life right now.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. The only life event of these we have experienced is having kids and unexpected doctor bills. Thank goodness we haven't had a fire or car accident!

  6. Guess I have been lucky to have not experienced any of the setbacks. My closest would be having a baby and finding out how much formula costs.

  7. I can totally relate to the new home and new parents scenarios! I had no idea the magnitude of hail damage that could happen in a brief, 10 minute hail storm. It totally totaled our roof within 2 years of moving in.
    We had a HUGE deductible because I hadn't really thought about it when setting up the policy.. Ugh!

  8. I could relate to getting a new job then being let go. Right now, I am working part time and hopefully it leads to full time.

  9. My son will turn 40 this year,,he got a late start,he has a 4 month old son and a 16 month old son,,I am 58 and have seen a lot in my life,,not too many regrets,would do a few things different if I could but cant so im okay with that too,

  10. The life event I can relate to most is buying a car because I am doing that very thing today!

  11. was pondering dropping collision on my car insurance but decided at the last minute to keep it, a few months later got t-boned and was completely covered, wow i got it right for once

  12. The fox couple's house was on fire. We had a home damaged by a hurricane once. So, we both had home damage from a disaster,

  13. We were surprised how much our wedding cost just like the Fox couple. It makes you start out behind.

  14. We had a car accident a few years back and are car was totaled just like the fox family!

  15. We had a car accident several years ago that ended up with unexpected medical bills and other car bills ( the car was not fully covered ) not happy memories.

  16. I'm not much like the Fox family, but the most recent life event that they experienced that I did too was having a baby!

  17. I experienced getting married and now we are experiencing being pregnant. Nothing like house fires though.

  18. Fortunately we haven't experienced many of the issues the fox couple encountered. Our kids get sick on occasion, but nothing serious.

  19. I haven't experienced anything like that family. I would say the closest would have been a car accident that wiped out my savings.

  20. I relate to the sick child our son has spina bifada and with out our insurance we would be in big trouble

  21. We experienced the car accident. My husband was nearly killed and our car was totaled by a girl talking on her cell phone and running a red light.

  22. Buying a new car is our next major event on this list! It's harder then you would think when your on a budget!

  23. ugh, the job scenario for sure. Both my husband AND myself a couple years later. A time in our life I wish I could forget.

  24. Mine is new home, fire zone. Though my home is far from new (over 100 years), it is a wood structure next to a woods. Only 1 company was willing to insure us because of the age and wood.

  25. Yes! Last year my fiance got a great new job. We were really getting ahead and bought a new car that we needed as our 1999 contour was on its last leg. A month after we bought the new car and got a nice new car payment, my fiance got laid off. Scary times!! Thankfully he found a new job pretty quickly.

  26. I have been through most of them. I think my biggest concern is our house.

  27. I can relate to everyone of those including the death of my husband and having no life insurance.

  28. Thankfully we're really not in any of those positions, although we're getting older & will have our children's college costs & retirement to think about. And of course disaster can strike at any time…hopefully not! We have been so very fortunate so far!

  29. I never considered renters insurance until a rare fire burned a condo complex in town. It made me realize how hard it would be to replace everything that I owned without the help of insurance.

  30. We have car insurance, we never had to use it until a lady ran a stop sign and hit my car and ruined it. I was very grateful for the insurance.

  31. I've had most of these experiences, but my worst was going through a divorce and having cancer at the same time!

  32. We have had many of these, but can relate to the new baby, we have had three, and one was in NICU, and I was in CICU ….. lot's of unexpected medical expenses!

  33. I can relate to being unemployed. After losing my job I had a major medical issue and after recovering I have been unable to get back into the work force.

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