Klear Cap – UV-C Wide Mouth Water Sanitization System

The new era of cleaner water begins with a tap on your cap. KLEAR Cap.

By combining innovative technology with your existing wide mouth water bottle, KLEAR Cap is helping people drink sustainably cleaner water, staying hydrated and not having to get rid of the container they already love.  My bottle below is just one from a big box retailer.

Klear Cap


The KLEAR Cap contain a 275nm UV-C LED light than neutralizes up to 99.99% of harmful and odor-causing germs.  It’s one of the worlds’ first universal UV-C wide mouth water sanitization system.


KLEAR Cap is powered by a built in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.  One charge can provide up to 25 times of sanitization, with each cycle lasting 2-3 minutes long.  The cap conveniently recharges via a magnetic USB charger.  Easy to use, reliable, and durable — just the way everything should be.

Klear Cap

To get started after your cap is charged:

• Fill your widemouth bottle with water.*

• Screw on the cap and tap the KLEAR crescent button twice to get purifying.  (Do not interrupt the purification cycle by removing the cap)

• Do the macarena and shake it all around to spread the UVC light evenly.


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VOILA!  Enjoy KLEAR water from a clean bottle.

A KLEAR Solution

1% for the World

500 billion plastic bottles are used every year — Meaning there are 66 times as many bottles as there are humans on the planet.  That’s a million plastic bottles every minute!  And only 7% of the bottles collected were used to create new ones.

With a purchase of KLEAR Cap you can be a part of the solution to reduce the problem.

KLEAR Cap believes they can positively impact the world through every purchase and with every purchase, with their partners, a portion of the proceeds go to their charity partners to benefit the world.  #drinkklear

KLEAR Cap’s mrsp is $49.97, and you can purchase one over at http://drinkklear.com/.

Have questions about KLEAR Cap?  Head over to oakandhearth.com/klearsupport for FAQs.

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*Water should be clear with no sediments.  Filter murky water before purifying.

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