Keeping Warm in the New Year with Layers

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Now that the holidays are over, I look for ways to save money on the necessities we’ll need in the new year.  Cuddl Duds is a great brand that will keep you warm during the cold winter days and nights that are yet to come in 2014!  Check out Cuddl Duds’ Climatesmart Long Sleeve V Neck.  Climatesmart’s® wicking power keeps moisture away from the skin for comfort indoors and out.

And here’s how you can keep warm and save money: Enjoy 30% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on all orders on with code LAYERLOVE30. Limit one promo code per order. Ends 1/2/14.

While I ditched a lot of my winter gear when we moved from South Dakota to Texas, I did keep all my Cuddl Duds layering items.  When we had the ice storm back in early December, those tops and leggings kept me toasty warm .

Cuddl Duds offers products for the whole family with ten layering collections to choose from.  So if you’re looking to retain some warmth in the new year head over to CuddlDuds before their end of season sale is over.

27 thoughts on “Keeping Warm in the New Year with Layers

  1. I love layering! I wear a tank top under everything, even when I don't really need to- I should pick up some of these for the colder weather!

  2. Even living in Chicago I am one of those people that is always hot but my poor hubby is the opposite. The only way he survives his walk from the train to his office over the Chicago river is by layering.

  3. I need to check this out. It's pretty cold where we live and our energy bill has just skyrocketed since we're using the heater so much.

  4. Love it. I layer all the time. I wear a tank under everything or long sleeved t-shirts in the winter. This looks better.

  5. I am so cold-natured that cold is borderline physically painful for me. I wear thermals in the springtime in the South! LOL

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