Ji Ga Zo – Personalized Mosaic Jigsaw Puzzles

I have always thought that a personalized photo jigsaw puzzle is a cool product.  But how much better is a jigsaw puzzle that can be changed around as often as you like with the same pieces but just a different picture?

Ji Ga Zo allows you to do just that.  With some software, a printer and 300 puzzle pieces in a box, you can upload your own personal photos and make a jigsaw mosaic to put together, and it is so neat.  Unlike most jigsaw puzzles that you do once maybe twice and then put away, Ji Ga Zo is a very long lasting product, it is as limitless as your digital pictures.

Here you can see how easy it is to use Ji Ga Zo.

So I uploaded this photo to make our mosaic jigsaw puzzle.

And after the software generated the puzzle grid for us, we printed it off and got set to put it together.

It was easy to do the first time, because I didn’t punch out all the pieces ahead of time, we punched them out as we put the puzzle together, which made it simpler to match the pieces to the grid.

One side of the piece is color coded to the grid, and has a picture on it.  The other side is what you’ll use to make your mosaic Ji Ga Zo.  The shaded side has the same picture on it (just harder to see).  The catch is, you have to make sure the picture is oriented the way it is on the grid.  So sometimes it is right side up, other times upside down or positioned on its side.

This is a great activity for the whole family.  If your kids like playing I Spy or reading books like Where’s Waldo, they’ll enjoy Ji Ga Zo also.  Color and object recognition allows even the youngest member of the family to search the pieces and get in on the action.

I think our Ji Ga Zo turned out very well, and it was a lot of fun for my daughter and I to work on together.

One tip to getting a good puzzle in the end is to make sure there isn’t a lot of background ‘noise’ in your photo.  A close up head shot usually works best.

Ji Ga Zo is available at Hasbro.com for $24.99.

“I wrote this post on behalf of Hasbro and received a media sample as an aid to help me review and spread the word about this product.”

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