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You may be familiar with the starter bracelets that you can add charms to that reflect your style and personal life moments.  Years ago, I wanted one of those dangly ones that all my friends at school seemed to have.  The charm bracelet phase came and went, but now it’s back again, proving everything old can look new again.  Indeed the new version of charm bracelets have certainly upgraded themselves from my elementary school years.The silver coil, bangle or leather bracelets, allow you to group unique charms to personalize a jewelry piece.  There are a number of brands that sell them, some of them quite expensive.  But it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, as some brands do.  SOUFEEL bracelets are a stylish accessory for less.Just like the sterling silver line of the pricier brands like Pandora, SOUFEEL’s silver bracelets and charms are stamped with the 925 mark so you know that you are getting the real deal.  You can even use the SOUFEEL charms on Pandora and Chamilia bracelets.SOUFEEL kindly sent me a Classic Sterling Silver Bracelet and let me pick out a number of charms to add to it.  The first thing I noticed and loved about SOUFEEL was that their bracelets come in a 6.3 inch diameter.  When you have tiny wrists like me, it’s pretty tough to find bracelets, bangles, watches, anything really that goes on your wrist, that doesn’t fall off when you’re wearing it.  So being able to buy a bracelet that fit me properly, right there I was impressed.

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Seeing as these were the first charms I was acquiring for the bracelet, I wanted to have something that would be able to rotate through much of my wardrobe.  I picked out a couple of the Murano Glass beads (both of which are currently out of stock at the moment, so I guess I have good taste 😉 )the Tree of Life charm, and an Embossed Flower charm.I like that you can choose charms that tell your life story and at charms start as low as $9.99.  They are constantly having sales and special offers to get the most bang for your buck.  Offers like when you spend $59, $79 or $99, you will get a pair of free earrings, a free charm and a free sterling silver bracelet!  They also offer free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and 365-day return and exchange guarantee.  Offers like that make it easier to build a collection of charms.SOUFEEL is a Pandora AlterantiveI believe that my SOUFEEL bracelet looks just as nice as the popular expensive ones, and really I think that unless someone looked at the clasp to see the imprint, they wouldn’t be the wiser that mine is a fraction of the cost.  It’s definitely a Pandora alternative and what I consider a must-have accessory, since you can style it and update it with new charms.  It makes your wardrobe feel fresh and stylish with each new charm, but it’s still affordable.

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