Jay at Play HideAway Pets

Jay at Play International is set to send young imaginations soaring with HideAway Pets.  These ultra-soft plush pals “snap” into a pint-sized pillow.

The softest materials and adorable expressions bring the HideAway Pets to life.  A menagerie of collective animals are available in the collection and they are available at major national retailers, including Target, Walmart and Toys”R”Us.

Uncurl HideAway Pets!
HideAway Pets are snuggable, huggable friends that snap open to play.

snap hideaway pets

When it’s time for bed or a nap, they curl up and hide away – doing double duty as the perfect pillow!

hideaway pet curled up

The adorable new assortment features six different 15″ cuddly characters – kids can collect them all!  – each with their own “Adventure Card” with their name and a fun fact about them.

hideaway fact hedgehog

The super-soft styles include the doggone adorable Siberian Husky, positively purr-fect Persian Kitten, roarsome (but never fierce!) African Lion, warm and fuzzy Snow Monkey, absolutely lovable Lop Eared Bunny and very handsome Hedgehog.

hedgehog hideaway pet
A media sample of the hedgehog HideAway Pet was received to facilitate this post.

So what do kids get with a HideAway Pet?  A cuddly best friend and comfy pillow all in one!  SRP $19.99 each.

hideaway hedgehog

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13 thoughts on “Jay at Play HideAway Pets

  1. These are so cute, and would make a great addition to the ever increasing stuffed animal population in the toy room 🙂

  2. Now this is neat. I love how it curls up to a ball and you can't tell what it is, really cool. I could see my nephew loving this!

    1. Hi Tracy, thanks for commenting. As these toys are 5 years old, I’m unsure if they are still available. I tried checking on the American Amazon site and you cannot purchase them there any more so I’m guessing that maybe those particular ones may no longer be made.

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