Jamba Juice Gives the Gift of Wellness this Holiday

Between parties, vacations and last-minute shopping, the holidays are certainly a whirlwind!  This season, while you’re busy and on-the-go, consider swapping your latté or hot chocolate for a delicious and nutritious smoothie from Jamba Juice to experience the holidays #BetterBlended.

Why is the ‘blend’ the new holiday trend?

Fast: Smoothies are quick and easy when you’re on-the-go, require no clean-up, and can be easily consumed while you meet he demands of your busy holiday schedule.

Filling: Fiber blended into smoothies from fruits and veggies will make you feel fuller longer and hep you avoid overindulging on unhealthy treats so you can stay true to your healthy living routine.

Fueling: A busy time of year requires more energy than usual – and superfoods deliver just that!  A blended smoothie helps combat the cold and high-stress season, thanks to hits nutrient-rich, immunity-boosting real fruit and veggie ingredients.

‘Tis the season to be healthy! So when the folks at Jamba Juice reached out to me and offered me a gift card to try their new seasonal offerings, I hit a nearby location up one morning this week when I needed a pick me up and a break from holiday shopping.

Jamba’s holiday smoothie line-up blends nutrient-rich real fruit and vegetables in delightful seasonal flavors for the perfect holiday pick-me-up. From vegan and dairy-free Almond Milk Smoothies (available in Green King Matcha™, Coconut Berry Bliss™ and Pumpkin Delight™) to wholesome, yet light, Apple Spiced Cheer and Berry Berry Chocolate Holiday Smoothies, they’re the perfect way to sip-in holiday health and happiness.

The Almond Milk Smoothies are made non-dairy and they are creamy and delicious.  A lighter viscosity smoothie, that are nutrient rich, offer and excellent source of vitamin , and are perfect of any time of day.

The Holiday Smoothies are creamy and decadent.  They offer a fun way to sip through the holidays, blending the flavors for the season with real fruit ingredients that offer a good source of Vitamin C and calcium.

I got myself an Apple Spiced Cheer.  Combining apples with spices that are oh so nice and made with 1.5 servings of real fruit, this perfect holiday smoothie is a gift worth cheering.

It hit the spot!

I don’t know how long these are going to be available but now that I’ve tasted the Apple Spiced Cheer, I need to go back for the Berry Berry Chocolate.  Like reindeers on rooftops, chocolate and berries are the perfect holiday pairing. A decadent blend with 2 servings of real fruit and Vitamin C and be berry merry…. and I will definitely be a frequent customer at my local Jamba Juice while these are on the menu!

If you enjoy Jamba Juice then why not share the love and give the gift of Jamba for the holidays?!  If you buy $25 in gift cards you’ll get a FREE small smoothie or 12 oz. juice!   I think it’s a great idea to give teachers a Jamba Juice gift card for the holidays, it’s a perfect way to fuel them!  This is an easy gift to buy and give and show  your children’s teachers or care givers how much you appreciate them.  That whole apple for the teacher thing just got amped up with the Apple Spiced Cheer smoothie at Jamba Juice 😉

Jamba Juice provided me with a gift card to try their seasonal offerings, no compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

Want to win some free Jamba Juice?  Thanks to Jamba Juice’s Christmas Spirit – I’m giving away a $10 Jamba Juice gift card to FIVE lucky readers.  

$10 Jamba Juice Gift Card (5 winners!!!)

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