Instantly Framed App Gets Photos Off Your Phone, Framed, and On Your Walls!

We’ve lived in our home for about 17 months now and it feels like it’s finally starting to come together décor wise.  We’ve changed out and painted light fixtures, faucets, cabinet pulls and even all the switches.  But wall space in many of the rooms is still stark, and I have been looking and watching for the right pieces to put in those spots.


Last December we were invited to a unique experience with Best Buy and got to spend the afternoon at the AT&T Stadium, which the Dallas Cowboys call home turf.  We were given great VIP treatment and even got a tour of the stadium with a behind the scenes look.  You better believe I busted out my tablet to take pictures of the locker room, the 50 yard line, the press room..yep I have photos of the whole kit and kaboodle.  But all this time, you guessed it, they’ve been sitting on my iPad.


And then Instantly Framed reached out to me.  This app provides you with a quick & easy way to frame the photos from your phone, whether you upload them from the photo library, Instagram, Facebook or take them directly using the camera.


All frame sizes are 12×12″.  To begin your project it’s as simple as tapping the center of the frame on the app and adding your photo.  Then you can select the photo size from these options: 8×8″, 6×6″, 4×4″, 4×6″ and 6×4″.


Your photo is printed on an archival photo luster paper placed behind an acid-free mat, and the frames are American-made, sustainably farmed walnut wood.

The framed photo that I made from my device arrived, and I was immediately impressed with the gor­geous walnut wood frame.

I had the perfect place for this on a wall in our “Texas/Cowboys” themed guest room.  When I first was making the picture in the app, I was a bit worried that a 6×4″ photo in a 12×12″ frame would actually look funny or cheesy, but I was so so pleased with the end result, especially with how well it fits in that room!

I literally could not have found a better print in a store to buy and hang on the wall there.

The flat rate of $65 is a great price point for the upcoming holidays and it’s a present that would be incredibly personalized and made to last.  Plus they offer free 3-day shipping for all you procrastinators!


Because so many of us use our phones now to capture our moments, this is an awesome way to take those memories and get them off the phone and somewhere others can enjoy them as well.  If you are interested in using Instantly Framed to frame some worthy photos, go over to Instantly Framed or to their app landing page, download the app and then start framing with $10 off, with promo code: CIDIRECTIONS10 (this deal expires on Dec 15!)

What are some of your favorite photos that you have framed?  Who would you use this service to frame a photo for?

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