Instant Mashed Potato Bread Recipe

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I’ve never had potato bread before and I found a recipe on Betty Crocker’s website when I was looking for recipes for the Loaded Mashed Potatoes that I received to review.  I wanted a cheesy/bacon-y flavored bread to go along with our dinner, but it didn’t really taste that way – but it was really good.  I think it might be because I added 2 TBSP of yeast to the machine instead of 2 TSP (DOH!!).  So I’m going to try it again sometime and see if less yeast makes the flavor stand out more.

It took about 10 minutes to prep and a 3 hour cycle in the machine, I set it up in my bread machine for a 1 1/2 pound loaf.


1 1/4 cups of Silk Soy Milk Light (you can use water)

2 tablespoons of margarine

3 cups of bread flour

1/2 cup of Betty Crocker Instant Mashed Potatoes (any flavor)

1 tablespoon sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

2 teaspoons fast acting dry yeast


Load the ingredients up in your bread machine in the order that your manufacturer suggests.  (Mine has wet ingredients on the bottom, then dry, then the yeast on top).

Set the cycle for a basic or white bread – and if you can control the loaf size and crust – 1.5 lbs and I used a medium crust, but a light should work too.


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