Inspired by Celebrity Sunglasses

I am not a big fan of Lady Gaga by any means, but I do like me some Disney characters.

I saw a picture of her looking like Cruella De Vil and while I’m pretty sure it was not for a Halloween event, I have to say…she can actually pull this off.

The Dalmatian effect on the “mouse ears” and red lipstick really set off the stark whiteness of the outfit and her skin tone.  Of course so do the mirrored lenses on the sunglasses, which I happen to really like.

So off to search some online sites to do what I like to refer to as a “smart switch”, copying a celebrity look for a cheaper price.  I wouldn’t pay the celebrity price for celebrity sunglasses like Lady Gaga is sporting.

How about these from

celebrity sunglasses

Granted they don’t have the same label on the inner arm and they’re not perfectly round, but I like them!  At just $99 even adding the lenses to the frames should keep the price a lot more affordable than celebrity sunglasses, and a lot more appealing!

But the black and white hair and red lipstick were an inspiration to me too and I found other fun glasses that I liked.  Like these readers:

Do you copy celebrity looks but pay less for them?  Who is your favorite celebrity to copy fashion styles from?

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