iHere 3.0 Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder

I’m NOTORIOUS for misplacing things.  My wallet, keys, sunglasses, my phone.  It’s kind of sad, I just have never gotten into the habit of putting something in the same place, so I lay it down or put it away and then forget where I left it.  Last week I received a neat little gadget that may solve some of my problems – the iHere 3.0 Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder.

Out of the box it is pretty much plug and play.  Charge it up (it doesn’t take very long before you’re able to play with it maybe 30 minutes) with the included cable.  While that’s going on download the iHere3 app from iTunes or Google Play.  Once the device is charged, hold the middle button for 5 seconds with the app open and it will pair with your phone.  That’s it!  You’ve set it up.  It comes with a little user manual that explains how to use all the functions and you can even change the name and icon for it (I changed mine to “Lost Stuff”!)

There’s a number of things you can do with the iHere 3.0, all controlled within the app.


Attach it to your key chain, and when you can’t find them, click the find button and the iHere 3.0 will emit a little beeping tune so you can locate them (or whatever else you’ve attached it to).  It works in reverse as well.  Can’t find your phone?  Click the fob button on the iHere 3.0 and your phone will ring so you can locate it.  There’s also a separation mode that will alert you if stray too far from your bluetooth connection.  Handy if you leave your phone in a restaurant or at a friend’s home (that’s never happened to me, nope never!).  You can turn this mode off as well, so that at home you don’t here it beeping at you constantly when you are out of the zone.

The fob also acts as a remote for your camera app.  So you can take selfies or set your phone up with a tripod and not have to touch the screen to take the photo.  The button acts as the shutter remote for a better stabilized photo.

How many times could I have used the iHere 3.0 as a car finder?  Too many to count!! Just last December during peak visiting times we had trouble locating our vehicle at Six Flags because we had to park way out in the middle of nowhere.  With this little gadget you set the app to Car Finder mode, click the button when you park and then when you are ready to leave and need to find your vehicle enter the Car Finder setting and it acts as a simple GPS directing you back toward where you parked.  Genius!

You can also record voice memos with the touch of the button.

No batteries are necessary, the cord allows you to recharge the iHere 3.0 when it’s running low on juice.  I wish the cord was a little longer but that’s not a deal breaker for the rest of what it does.  I’ll probably use all the features at some point, but right now being able to find my keys, my car and use it as a shutter remote make it worth its price tag and then some.

Find out more about iHere 3.0 Key Finder.

I received the iHere 3.0 for review, all opinions are my own.

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