I Am Hutterite – A Book by Mary-Ann Kirkby

I had first heard about Mary-Ann Kirby’s memoir ‘I Am Hutterite‘ from my mom last October.  Mom knows how much I read, and she was eager to share this story with me.  I am always busy with book reviews though, so took note of the title, tucked it into a corner of my mind, and promptly went on to my next book.

Then a few weeks ago I received an e-mail asking me if I would like to receive a copy of ‘I Am Hutterite’ to review on my blog.  I recalled my mom’s praise of the book, and said that I would.

The Hutterite community is not foreign to me.  Having grown up in Manitoba, I had some connection with them.  My mother-in-law purchased her chickens and eggs from a colony.  The beloved feather pillow that my husband bought me for a birthday that was used for many years, was lovingly made on a colony.

Now I live in South Dakota, only hours away from where the first Hutterite Colony was established (which I learned from reading Kirkby’s book).  I have many friends that grew up on colonies, who left as children with their families, or as adults.  And so while I know some of what Hutterite culture entails, I was interested in reading an insider’s view of life on and off a colony.

About Mary-Ann Kirkby:

Mary-Ann spent her childhood on a Hutterite colony in Canada.  Without warning her parents uprooted their seven children to begin a new life in the outside world.  Mary-Ann’s difficult transition into popular culture led her to an award-winning career in television as a gifted storyteller.

About I Am Hutterite:

I Am Hutterite chronicles Ann-Marie Dornn’s (Mary-Ann Kirkby) quest to come to terms with a painful past.  Rich with memorable characters, and vivid descriptions, this ground breaking narrative shines a light on intolerance, illuminating the simple truth that beneath every human exterior beats a heart longing for understanding and acceptance.

My Review:

As I mentioned before, even though I am familiar with the Hutterite culture I learned a good deal of things about life on a colony that ‘English’ aren’t generally privvy to.  I started the book thinking I was well versed in what Hutterite life is like, and finished it realizing I knew virtually nothing about it at all!

Perhaps because of that I found the book truly engrossing as I continually found interesting details throughout the book.

I honestly don’t know how this book translates to readers at large, as I had an underlying reason to want to read it.  I wonder how interesting or engaging it is to those who have no understanding of Hutterite culture at all.

For more information you can visit: http://www.iamhutterite.com

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION:  I wrote this post as part of a blog campaign by A. Larry Ross Communications.  I received a free copy of I Am Hutterite to read to facilitate in the writing of this post.

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