How Tutors Can Help Your Child — And You — Stay Sane in the Pandemic

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The pandemic has been tough on moms — as if being a mom wasn’t tough enough already! Working a job and taking care of our kids (and pets) while doing all the million other things we must do in a day can get exhausting. It is exhausting. It’s okay to feel burnt out. . There aren’t enough hours in a day for us to do all the stuff we feel we need to do.

That’s the key word — feel. We feel we need to do so much, that if we don’t do x, y, or z, then we’re not doing enough. There’s always one more thing to do, and then another, and another. Our feelings can pressure us to do more than we can or ought to do. We’re not Energizer Bunnies. We can’t always be super moms.

So, here’s a gentle reminder to take a break, or ten. We deserve to take a break. We’ve earned it. And we need it.

Taking Time for Yourself Has Never Been More Important

Taking a break can mean a bunch of things. It can mean getting out of the house and treating yourself to cinnamon bun, or listening to your favorite album, turned up loud, and dancing like you did at prom. It can mean putting on facemask and taking a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine, or doing yoga or a crossword puzzle. Basically, taking a break means doing anything that helps you relax.

If you’ve got kids in school, one of the best ways to take a guilt-free break is by putting your child in the hands of a good tutor.

You’re not the only one who can help your child through school during the pandemic. Tutors are here to give your child the sort of one-on-one attention that online school simply can’t provide. Whether you’re looking for or in Austin, Texas, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find a tutoring service that’ll work for you and your kid.

1. One-On-One Attention

Tutors work with your child one-on-one, providing them the sort of personalized attention and education that classes can’t. This is especially important now that classes are online. No matter how dedicated teachers are, interacting with them through Zoom isn’t the same as sitting with them one-on-one. That’s one gift tutors offer.

2. Lessons Tailored to Individual Learning Styles

Everyone learns differently; there’s no one size fits all teaching method. A tutor will and tailor their lessons accordingly, which is something teachers can’t do, even when classes are in person.

3. Routine

Working with a tutor is a great way for your child to maintain a routine that will benefit them in the short term while helping them build good work habits that will stand them in good stead for years to come. It also helps you build self-care into your own routine!

4. Self-esteem

With the help of a tutor your child will feel more confident about their ability to learn and handle the challenges that school and the real-world entail.

The basic point is this: tutors can help your children learn and grow, and they can also help you expand your support system to ensure you don’t get burnt out. With a great math tutor or an inspiring English tutor, you can get a much-needed break while knowing your child is in good hands.

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