How To Make a Valentine’s Flower Treat

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More than 192 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually**.  I want to share with you a Valentine’s Day craft I made that would be perfect for your child to gift to teachers (whether that be at school, church, sports, music, co-op) rather than a traditional card or if you’re really ambitious, to make for a whole group!

To make this Valentine’s Flower Treat you need:


  • 1 Green Mechanical Pencil
  • 1 Sheet of Red Tissue Paper
  • 1 Sheet of Green Paper
  • 1 Hershey’s Kiss
  • Markers, Tape, Scissors and maybe a knife

To begin fold up your red tissue paper into 10 or more layers, I used 16 for this example.  Then draw a heart on it, and cut it out.  When you’re done you should have a bunch of single tissue hearts.

In the center of each heart, use the tip of the pencil to thread them on.  Delicacy is important, as the tissue paper will rip, it’s okay if it tears a bit, but be careful you are not too close to the edge.  For younger children, you might want to hole punch a hole in the middle, making it easier to thread the hearts on. 

Once you have all the hearts on the pencil, try and shift them a little bit so they aren’t all facing one way.  That will give it a more real look of petals.

Next I covered the tip of the pencil with a little bit of scotch tape.  This was just in case there was some lead in the tip that could come in contact with the Hershey’s Kiss.

This next part could be a little tricky.  Twist the bottom of the Hershey’s Kiss onto the pencil tip.  My first attempt result in a broken Kiss.  So the next one I took a knife and cut out a little indent into the bottom of the Kiss, then I had no problems getting it on.  My Kisses had been refrigerated though, so they were quite hard.  If they’re left out they might be softer and easier to attach without needing to ‘surgically’ attach it .

Finally, cut out a leaf shape from the green paper, and write “be my valentine” on it, and attach that to the pencil clip.

It’s a fun and easy way to do just a little extra for a special person!

Hershey’s has a whole website dedicated to the Celebration of Valentine’s Day.  Here you can find special chocolate recipes, crafts, videos and other fun stuff all dedicated to the love of chocolate and Valentine’s.

As for products Hershey’s offers snack-size treats for friend exchanges to beautifully packaged ready-to-gift options and heart-shaped candy dish chocolates, the perfect treats for every cupid looking to cast an arrow.


“I wrote this post on behalf of Hershey’s and received a gift as a thank you for posting.”

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