How Thin Can a Newton Cookie Be?

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credit TheImpulsiveBuyLast week when we were leaving for our jaunt up north, my husband forgot to wake me when he said he would.  He goes to Biblestudy at church on Thursday mornings and I told him the night before to wake me when he left, as I had things on the computer to do and towels I wanted to fold before we left for the weekend.  Of course he forgot, and I woke up nearly an hour after I had planned to.  I got all the things I wanted to get done finished…but that left me no time for breakfast, what’s a girl to do?

Just the week before, Kraft Brands sent me some of their new Nabisco Newton Fruit Thins crispy cookies to try out.  They were still sitting on my counter from unpacking the box, so I grabbed a bag to munch on in the car.  The Blueberry Brown Sugar variety seemed like a healthy enough breakfast (since I regularly partake in PopTarts, this was probably a step up in the food chain).  And like usual, when I get review food in our home, I barely got the bag open when I heard a chorus of “can I try one?”  Great that they want some input on my blog, but they all got breakfast before we left, how fair is that?  But I figure no good mother withholds healthy food from her family, and so I shared.

On a weight management note, if you are still a WW point counter from the old system, the Newton Fruit Thins will only set you back 1 point a piece.  So they make a great mid morning snack.

These aren’t your mother’s (or grandmother’s) Newtons.  No thick cookie with filling, these cookies are all about the ‘thin’, more the thickness of a cracker than a cookie.  Baked in (I’m guessing, I wanted to use the word ‘embedded’ but that is such a ‘blog’ term LOL!), are dried fruit pieces.  And just enough that it isn’t overwhelmingly like eating trail mix.  Being thin like that though, watch out, one could easily eat a couple of servings (3 cookies is considered a serving) without realizing it.

There are four varieties; Blueberry Brown Sugar, Fig and Honey, Chocolate Raspberry and Cranberry Citrus Oat. 

My first impression of the Blueberry Brown Sugar was that they tasted like the Arrowroot (teething biscuits) cookies that we used to have as kids.  The blueberry is noticeable but not overpowering and the brown sugar does put a sweet smack to it but not sickening sweet.  The blueberries are a bit chewy as dried fruit tends to be, but soft and not hardened or crystallized.  The family really liked them, and personally I found them delicious.  And the relatives that we stayed with over the weekend, promptly polished off the bag that day and the next when we put it on their kitchen counter. 

We dug out the Fig and Honey this evening.  I’m always surprised when my Hubby tells me he likes something that I figure he wouldn’t touch.  I’ve always considered him a picky eater, but it seems that the older he is getting the broader his palate is too.  These he said (and also the Blueberry Brown Sugar), he really liked.  I didn’t peg either for a snack he would eat, as he is much more of an Oreo or Chocolate cookie type of guy.

My mom was interested in them too, as they are low in sugar, a really great snack for a diabetic.

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