How Small Do You Have to Be to Wear an X-Small?

By Jon BellMy sister sent me a $20 gift card to Target for Christmas.  What a sweetie.  She knows that Target is one of my favorite stores to shop at!  So this past Wednesday I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon, doing some shopping for ME, something I don’t tend to do a whole lot of.

I roamed the racks, shocked that most of the winter gear was already on high clearance, I’m not talking 30%, I’m talking racks and racks of 50% and 75% off!  Come on folks it’s just January, and here in the Northern Plains, we’re still looking at a good 9 weeks or more of winter.  When I start seeing shorts and tank tops out in January, I begin to wonder whether every marketer alive lives and works in the Southern States.

Well regardless, I was glad to stretch my gift card a little further, seeing as the items I was looking at were on the clearance racks and I’ll still be wearing them for a couple of months yet.  As I was making my way throughPuffer Coat the racks, I saw a super cute puffer coat with a cinch belt on a 75% off rack, there were a whole bunch of them, so I figured they must have just been marked down.  They were originally $49.99 and were clearanced to $12.48!  There were 5 black ones, and about 8 white ones. 

Now I’m only 4’9″ tall and about 100 lbs, keep that in mind as I tell you the rest of this story.  All of the black ones are a size XS.  So I unzip one and try proceed to try it on.  I can hardly get my arm into the sleeve.  I mean we’re talking blood pressure cuff tight.  I can do up the coat, but who needs a cinch belt when the coat is literally clinging to you?

So in despair I hang the black one up and get ready to look for something else.  Then I think to check the maintenance tag.  Oh!  It can be washed, at home in my own machine, and dried on low in my dryer.  Okay the white isn’t looking so bad. (Can you tell I really want this coat).  So I take off my jacket (again), and try on the Small in White.  Seriously?!  The small doesn’t fit me either.  4’9″ ~ 100 lbs!!!  I’m like the size of a …12 year old!

There were some mediums…I debated…I hummed…I hawed… I tried it on.  It’s a Goldilocks fit ~ just right. 

But here’s my question, if at 4’9″ 100 lbs I can’t fit into an X-Small or even a Small for that matter, who the heck are they making these for?  An 8 year old?

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