How Often Do You Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

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credit: PunxyWolfSnowDropsWe moved into our condo unit 5 years ago.  I was smart enough to suggest tile flooring in the dining room to my husband when we were picking out the finishing touches.  We had carpet in the dining room in our house, and I HATED it.  Generally the grownups created more spills and stains around the table than the kids did!

When we moved out of our home we hired cheap carpet cleaners to clean both the main and lower levels of the house for the new owners.

Now we don’t eat a lot outside of our kitchen and dining areas, but the stray cup of coffee has been spilled on our carpet in say …the office (not sure how that happened!).  Spot cleaning it immediately got out the worst of it, and since the carpet is a somewhat neutral color you have to look hard to see the residual stain.

We haven’t yet had the carpets deep cleaned at all in this place though in the five years we’ve lived here.  I hesitate to spend a lot of money on it because in a few years I’d like to replace the living room and office with laminate wood flooring.  However, we’d keep the bedrooms carpeted and those probably should be professionally cleaned soon.

I know our carpets aren’t horribly filthy because we don’t wear our shoes in the house, have no pets and don’t smoke.  But still… So I ask you how often do you have your carpets professionally cleaned?  Yearly, every other year?  Or are you like us and replace the flooring rather than having it cleaned?! LOL.

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