Home Refresh with Greased Lightning Multi-Purpose

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All that waiting, waiting, waiting, and now the holidays are over! If you hosted friends and family this season, Greased Lightning Multi-Purpose can help clean your home and kitchen and make it good as new again as before they all arrived! Best of all, it has a delightful Spring Rain scent that keeps your home smelling fresh and welcoming.

The new Multi-Purpose Cleaner is tough on grease, grime, laundry and carpet stains, and much more like the Super Strength you’ve used before, but leaves behind a soft, pleasant scent.

Since we still have our home up for sale keeping it clean is a priority for me, I’m constantly wiping down something or other in my home. One of the things I really wanted to try the Greased Lightning Multi-Purpose cleaner on was a few carpet stains we had.

Right by our patio door we had a pretty noticeable one. I just squirted a few sprays of the product on the carpet, used my finger to work it in a bit, and the blotted it with a microfiber cloth. So quick, easy and effective!


Our dining room chairs are upholstered and while they aren’t stained right now, I know what I’ll be getting stains out of them with when we do spill some food or beverage on them! And if we should still be here in spring 🙁 well then I’m going to use it on our decking and railings out on our balcony too.

You’ll find Greased Lightning Multi-Purpose at stores like Meijer, Kroger, Publix and Food Lion.

Have you ever tried the Greased Lightning products?  If you have where/for what do you use them for in your home?

Tammy Litke, is disclosing that Greased Lightning provided her with product samples . The opinions in this post are based on her own experiences and beliefs of this product, were not influenced by what she received and the company did not ask nor expect her to post a positive or negative review.

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