Home Meal Delivery – I Want Some

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We eat out very rarely, and I make 99% of the meals in our home. My husband can make toast, eggs and a mean pan of tater tots. Call me crazy, but sometimes I get tired of being the head cook at our house.

My friend recently shared that her parents have a home meal delivery service deliver dinner to them for three nights a week. What a concept!

I would love to have an option like that.  I imagine it would be like eating on a cruise ship right in my very own home.  Actually if I had a gourmet meal delivery a few nights a week, I might be able to give up cruising altogether.

We live in a pretty small city though, and I’m not sure there are any local services like that here. A business recently opened up near our home, kind of like an indoor farmers market.  I believe they have organic food delivery, so I should inquire if they do meals as well, or at least give them the suggestion to do that.  Maybe I could be the kick start to a new local business!

Regardless, for now I’m still head cook around here, and that being said, I guess I better scram and make a menu for the week!

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